Why Pay For Information Products When You Can Get It For Free?


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Thanks For Your Support And For Helping Us Make The World A Better Place. Why Pay For Information Products When You Can Get It For Free? Why pay for info products when you can get them for free? There are marketers selling information products all the time.

No matter what field you go into, there are bound to be information products for sale, with the price of these items ranging from a mere $1 to thousands of dollars. With the Internet and Google (and other search engines) at our fingertips, searching for information that we want to acquire becomes dead easy and convenient.

The same information that is contained within paid informational products can be found for free all over the Internet… …and yet there are TONS of people still willing to part with their hard-earned money to buy paid informational products rather than getting them from the Internet for free.

If the price is only a mere $1 or $7, it’s still understandable. But why do people still want to buy $1000 and $2000 home study courses that teach them to do this and that when they can get the same information for free (or almost free apart from the cost of your PC and Internet connection)? All things being equal, EVERYONE would definitely choose not to pay if they were given a choice.

People like FREE. I like it and so do you. No contest about that. To answer why SOME people would pay rather than get it free, let me share the following real story… I sell information products. Once in a while, I receive complaints from people saying that the same information contained in my PAID product can be obtained for free from the Internet, and they whined that I should give it away for free too.

My response to these people is: “Sure you can get the same information for free. In fact, of all the paid information products out there you can get almost all, if not all, of the same information that is contained within those products for free.

The reason why I and many other information product creators are charging you money is because we have the required ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE of the information you’re seeking. By buying our products, you are effectively saving tons of your TIME.

You’re also saving tons of MONEY because you don’t have to commit the same mistakes that we have already committed previously. OUR mistakes (that cost time and money) = YOUR gain You avoid (or lessen your) mistakes.

You save time and money as a result. You’re essentially buying our RESEARCH time and EXPERT knowledge on the subject. ” So the next time someone complains about you selling them information they can get it for free, explain to them (in a kind manner of course) just like what I’ve explained above.

Most of the time, after you’ve explained to them, you’ll never hear from them again… …which is perfectly fine since this type of people are not our target customers anyway. The very fact that they’re expecting our info products for free when we have put so much time and effort creating them (our products) reveals their poor attitude and believe me; they WILL NOT buy your products.

Leave them and focus on servicing your good customers.

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