Trying *FREE ROBUX* GAMES! Will They Work? | cylixen🍂


hi everyone welcome back to my channel and for today’s video i’m basically going to be trying out free robux games and seeing if they actually work i’m not sure if they all will work but i’m hoping at least some of them will and i believe this video credits goes to truffios i will have her links in the description and yeah enjoy okay so i’ve set up this alt account real quick if you’re wondering why i just made it because i know most of these will probably be scams and i don’t want to get scammed on my actual account so yeah i have this account and i think i’m just gonna start by searching free robux obby let’s just try that oh it tagged i think the reason why it tagged is because it has obby in it so we can just go ahead and replace that with game i think that might work okay yeah that seemed to fix it why are so many of these not even having to do with robux welcome to bloxburg i never searched for that toh okay let’s just try the first one i feel like there’s a lot of people playing so it’ll probably be better okay let’s try this one the game actually does not look that bad the colors are a bit random but i guess it’s fine okay the first obby stage one there’s just so many people i feel like i’m just gonna get shoved like they’re all just running at it okay let’s give this first one a try nope yes we did it now we just have these spheres to go through okay that was easy okay there’s a lot of people on this part UH noo the good thing about this game is that you respawn really quick so even though i’m dying like 300 times it’s fine because you respawn really fast okay okay not too bad i think there’s like this trick where you can like put your camera okay it can’t be the green one yeah you can like do this like camera angle thing okay it’s the yellow one so far it’s obviously not that bad it looks like a really huge obby so hopefully it won’t be too long to finish noo there’s more of these sphere things so we can try these there’s more alright teleport okay i think this is it yesss okay can we finally get our free robux wow roblox lot of people have donated robux to this game i thought we were the ones to get free robux okay hint code number in this room so there must be like a code to get in there or this is either just like a huge scam okay well i think maybe the robux just like went into our account so we can try looking there well hopefully we got some robux from this so the reveal in three two one it’s still zero robux okay well that didn’t work i guess we should try to find another one so we still have zero roblox that’s nice hopefully the next one will i’m hopeful i’m hoping there will be at least one okay so there’s so many i think we can try we should try this one it looks really interesting the avatar on the screen is a bit odd but i mean i guess we can go for it i just joined and there’s somebody just with the sword wait why do we have swords oh gosh i’m out of here okay oh my gosh the background is blinding robux okay this is actually not that bad i like this obby i mean it’s pretty nice oh these move okay i actually like this one because okay so the death count so far is one and this obby looks so easy and yet i’ve already died oh again wait am i going the wrong way oh how did i get over here wait how did i get over here yes we just beat a level without even beating it okay oh no i am always so bad at these oh i did it first try yes okay finally oh yes free robux donate to game what i did not ask to donate ah someone just killed me i guess i respond here but like okay why do i have to donate to the game i thought i was supposed to get free robux what that is not okay wait maybe this is for us okay the most we can donate is 1k i’m hoping that’s the robux that we get because i thought this was for us not for the game it said free robux okay well i guess we can see how much we get from this game all right so in total so far we have got still zero robux noo okay well i mean we can try to get some more i guess we can try one more game free rObOx obby okay we can try this one free rObOx obby there’s lots of blue it doesn’t really look like a free robux obby oh i’m blind free robux obby okay free robux obby again you can do six jumps i don’t even think i can do one wait how did we get up here do you jump on the sign maybe yess okay that worked oh nope okay so we have to jump in the sign they make it look so easy it’s actually not oh we can double jump all right well i don’t think i’m gonna be able to do this because oh wait we can do six jumps okay so we can just like keep spamming jump okay i honestly kind of give up on this obby it’s gonna take forever and i feel like this one isn’t gonna work either so i think we should just like check how much robux we have for the grand total who knows this game might have given us some robux so yeah let’s just see oh it teleported us back all right so yeah let’s see his grand reveal alright so after completing three really difficult obbies i have collected zero robux i have gathered zero robux after completing all of those obbies that is a bit of a disappointment i must say


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