The BEST Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Unite! Top 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW!


Yo! What is going on, YouTube? It’s your boy Dan, aka “aDrive”. I brought you guys a brand new video today. Today, we are going to break down the top 10 tips and tricks for Pokemon Unite for beginners and people of all skil levels really.

I think this is a great refresher course for anyone who’s looking to play. I can tell you guys, I have been grinding like crazy. I have over 110 games played since the games has dropped. It’s only been three days.

And I just hit veteran rank from playing solo which I’m pretty happy about. So, I’ve got some really good tips. So if you’re struggling to find success or you just need a refresher, I think this video will be great for you guys.

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But without further ado, let’s just jump into things. And if you guys have any other tips and suggestions, you can put them in the comment section below to help out other players. I think that’s going to be super duper good.

So let’s jump into it with number one. So the first thing I want to emphasize here is that farming the mini characters on the map is so important. I think new players often are so focused on trying to knock out the opposing Pokemon, they’re not focusing as much on the Aipoms, the Audinos, the Corphish, the Bouffalants and Ludicolos, and all these other Pokemon that are scattered across the map.

You should always be doing something. Always check your mini map which I’ll get to later to see where those spawns are, and try to get advantage of all those spawns that are popping out that are close to your bases, because that is how you level up.

And by leveling up, you’re going to access better moves and stronger moves and move upgrades. And if you’ve ever been streamrolled, chances are the opposing Pokemon was a much higher level than you. So make sure you guys are always farming and taking down those little mini bosses across the map and prioritizing those before you go to engage with the opposing team.

Number two, optimize your settings in the game to give yourself the best chance to succeed. I actually have a guide on the channel where I broke down a ton of settings that you guys can chance, including this wheel that allows you to target prioritize, changing your settings so when you press B, you attack wild Pokemon and A, you attack enemy Pokemon.

You take off some of their kind of auto-targeting so you have a little bit more control over where you’re actually moving your attacks. These settings will make a world of a difference and I recommend you check that out ASAP after this video so you don’t forget to change your settings, because the sooner you change them, the sooner you’ll get used to them.

But your settings are big so make sure you update your settings to give your best… yourself the best chances to succeed in Pokemon Unite. Number three, we’re talking mini map here. Mini map is so important.

At the top left hand side of your map, you can see the positioning of not only your teammates but various teammates on the opposing side of the map. It’s very important to understand where your teammates are in relation to where you are.

And you want to make sure you do not overextend by pushing too far into the enemies side of the field without your teammates, right? ‘Cause if you push too far up, you’re going to be an easy kill because in this game, if you are in a 2v1, a 3v1 situation, you often time will not come out on top.

You’ll most of the time lose those engagements unless you’re very well fed and really really leveled up. You’re probably not going to have a good time there. I also recommend always keeping an eye up to the top to see the respawn timers, not only of your team but of the enemy team.

As the game progresses, the respawn timers get longer and you can often time make a decision based on how many Pokemon are down on the other side of the team or how many Pokemon are down on your side of the field.

If Zapdos is up and you’re seeing that three of the opposing Pokemon have a respawn timer, it’s probably a good idea to push the Zapdos because you know that you have an advantage if your team is still up.

And you can take advantage of that and really really make a huge difference in that game, maybe turn the tides of the game or maybe push forward and be able to beat that Zapdos and score a ton. So always keep an eye on your mini map.

You should be checking your mini map pretty much every time, like multiple times. Every few seconds you should be looking up at that corner and just seeing where everyone is on the map and position yourself accordingly.

Number four is be mindful of how much Aeos energy you have. That’s what you’re using to score in the game. And you can hold throughout the game various increments from 20 to 30 to 40 to 50, I believe it scales out throughout the game.

And the more you’re holding, the more you drop if you die. And that can be a huge momentum shift if you extend too far or the opposing Pokemon pushes you and you’re rolling by yourself and you’re dropping 50.

That can make a huge difference. When the opponent scoring 3, 7, 10 points a time, it’s not going to make a huge difference. It’s when they’re dropping massive point bombs on you, that’s when they can really take advantage.

So, my recommendation is try to empty your points as much as possible. Obviously it’s not always easy to push up and score, but the least amount of points you have, the faster you score. So try to get rid of those points as much as you can.

And obviously towards the end of the game you’re going to probably hold a lot and you can double those points in the last two minutes. But again, you want to get rid of those points as soon as you can and you don’t want to hold onto them for too long, because if you go down, you’re going to put yourself in a bad spot.

Number five, practice mode is your friend. Especially for those of you guys who are not paying money or maybe looking to unlock some characters, whatever it maybe, practice mode allows you to practice with every single character in the game, and you can set up into a lobby and just kind of mess around, get a feel for what the difference moves do, all that stuff before you jump into a game.

If you want to unlock Absol but you’re not sure if you want to play them, jump into a practice game, just mess around a little bit see if Absol is a good fit for you. Understand what each Pokemon can do in each scenario and how those Pokemon function best and try them out in practice mode before you jump into the real game, especially if you’re going to go into ranked.

Make sure you feel comfortable before you go into ranked. Number six is a big one. Never give up in Pokemon Unite. Because Zapdos comes in in the final two minutes and all points are doubled, any game pretty much can be won in the final two minutes.

Generally speaking, I know some people think Zapdos is overpowered. Generally speaking, the team that has dominated throughout the game will usually take the Zapdos. But there are a tons of time where I played, like I said, over 100 games played already.

There are tons of times where someone will sneak in and just snag that last hit on the Zapdos to knock out the other team and score hundreds and hundreds of points in the last minute or so to ultimately seal the deal and win the game.

So never give up, seriously. It’s only a 10-minute game. If you can’t commit to a 10-minute game, then you shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place. So don’t give up, support your teammates, and hang in there as best you can, and play, have fun, but play to your heart’s content.

Play your heart out and don’t give up on a game, man. I see people surrendering so fast in games and I just feel like there’s still time left. Just play it out, see if you can win. And if not, use that as an opportunity to try to improve yourself.

One of the best suggestions I can say is if you are getting beat down and you’re losing by a lot, the best thing you can do is actually go back to step one, farm those mini characters. Try not to engage with the opponent, farm up those Audinos, farm up those Aipoms, farm up those Combees and Vespiquen.

Get your level set up ’cause chances are if you’re getting stomped, they’re probably a higher level than you. Get those levels rocking, so that way you can engage in those fights and potentially make a comeback.

Number seven, do not try to engage with your opponent on their base. There are very rare instances where you can and you can win that fight. But if you don’t know, when you’re standing on your base and your opponent’s standing on their base, they are regenerating health.

And it is very difficult to knock out a Pokemon when it’s regenerating health unless you have a 3 to 1 Pokemon advantage. Generally speaking, especially the tanks, things like Snorlax, they can sit there all day and they are not going to die when they’re sitting on their portal.

So do not engage on the portal, unless you have a massive advantage. This kind of is in a tip itself, but it kind of ties in to the mini map. And this as well, you can always the L shoulder button and move your joystick to see up ahead the lane, to see if other Pokemon are coming to kind of gang up on you.

So if you have an advantage and you think you can take them on in their lane, on their base, and you’re confident that you have your teammates there to do it, you can give it a shot. But again, you want to look ahead and make sure that they don’t have teammates coming because you are very rarely winning that engagement if you are on their base.

Number eight, if you don’t know, the tall grass, the bushes in the game actually conceal you and allow you to stay hidden. This can be used for two different things. First thing, it can be used to teleport back to spawn.

If you hide in a bush or anywhere in the map and you press the down button and hold it, you can actually teleport to spawn which will heal you all the way up and allow you to reset your positioning. So bushes are great for that.

But also, bushes are super duper useful for surprising your opponent. If they don’t know where you are and you go hide in a bush, you can just wait there for a few moments, see if you can catch them overextending towards your portal, and you can try to push them towards your portal and win that fight on your base.

It can be a very sneak tactic and it can actually be very advantageous for players if you’re using those bushes to your advantage. And don’t forget the inverse, always be aware of the bushes on the map and how your opponents can be hiding there as well.

So, if they’re not accounted for, be mindful of that because they maybe trying to use that same tactic against you. I think it’s important to remember your role in the game. I’ve been playing Crustle almost exclusively.

And Crustle is a defender type Pokemon. Well he can run a more offensive set with Shell Smash, he’s meant to tank hits and hold down a lane. That is what Crustle’s job is. I should not be overextending pushing the opposing goals.

I’m not really guara… It’s not really my job to score a ton. It’s my job to anchor that lane and ensure that the other posing team does not take over my lane and score against me. So understand which Pokemon you’re playing.

If you’re playing Zeraora, you should probably be in the middle farming up jungle and moving back and forth between top and bottom lanes. That’s going to give you the best advantage. So that way you can come in and you could help out your teammates when they need it most.

So understand the Pokemon you’re playing, what their primary role is and how you can most efficiently play that Pokemon. I’m going to have more guides in the future about how each Pokemon functions and your best approach to playing those.

For now, just do your best. The game actually offers you recommended lanes, so maybe try to stick to those or at least be mindful of where your teammates are going, and then try to play around them. And number 10, it comes down to communication.

And that’s a big one. And actually kind of goes back off the point 9 there where you can actually, before the game, choose which lane you were going to go to and kind of alert your teammates with that.

Obviously voice chat is incredible if you’re playing with a team. You can communicate with them through voice and talk to them about how those engagements are going in both top, bottom, and jungle. But of course, if you don’t have that, there are functions in-game to tell your teammates what you’re doing and where you’re going.

I actually played earlier with a Greninja who is very very good. He kept alerting us, okay I’m moving to top lane now, okay I’m coming to bottom to help out. You have people who are saying we have to defend this, we need to group up here.

Those kind of things could be really good, especially if there’s someone who knows what they’re doing. That communication is key, because at the end of the day, Pokemon Unite is indeed a team game, so really no matter how good you are, there’s still four other people on your team.

You really need to hold it down together. Otherwise, you’re probably not going to do super well. So remember to communicate as best as you can and try to be a good teammate. That’s the best you can do.

So that’s 10 amazing tips there for beginners and anyone who just needs a refresher for Pokemon Unite. I’ve been grinding this game and having an absolute blast playing it. And I appreciate everyone who’s tuning in my streams and watch our YouTube videos.

Hopefully you guys enjoy this one. Be sure to hit that like button down below if you did and subscribe to the channel if you guys are new. as I post Pokemon videos every single day. You do not want to miss them.

If you think I miss any good advice, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. Let’s help out the community, show the love around, and let’s make it happen. Thank you guys for watching this one.

My name is Dan, I also go by aDrive, and I will see you guys on the next one. Peace!


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