hello hello how are you i hope the teacher juan antonio is very well here from arica chile i thank you for being in this video and welcome to the tutorial so you can learn to teleport and move anywhere on this planet without having to leave your house what you will see next is a method that is compatible even with recent cases 13 and supports obviously ios 15 this will help a lot if you want to be changing the location in some of your social networking applications in Some of your video games are obviously hiding the location and using it at the end of the day as you want so having delivered all these recommendations now let’s start the first thing you have to do is enter the first link that I am going to leave you in the description and you have What to be choosing if you want to use this program in frame is or in windows this demonstration we are going to do in windows so press Here is a free download and we wait for it to finish once it does so we are going to come here to install it by clicking with the right mouse button and we run it as administrator within the installation options you may be changing the language of the tool in the folder where you are going to install if you want to know part of the user experience improvement program and for the install button to be activated you must have accepted the terms and conditions, click on install there and wait for this whole process to finish there once done The button will be enabled here to be starting once it finishes loading, this window will be opening in the browser which will confirm that the installation has been carried out satisfactorily so we will minimize it since It is ready to be used so we press the enter button here and you will immediately appear in another location totally different from the one you live in.

Stante in this blinking point is where we are and if we click with the mouse with any point in the room you want, you can be teleported either in this same city or in the one you want, click here to start modifying it tells us that it is recommended be removing multitasking all the applications that occupy the gps and for that we are going to come here to our device and we are simply pulling up the cards and you will be removing all there then we press here to continue and just carry out the teleportation as you could see we are going to come here to whatsapp to be checking that we are indeed at that point in Veracruz and we are going to be opening it and then we are going to access any of our contacts here we are going to press on the plus sign and we are going to give it then there in share location and we wait for him to show us where we are on the map and as you can see it is the same point which is It works there just in Veracruz you can be seeing it there in that curve in fact if we zoom out here to see how it looks you can check that we are indeed in that city that is to say that the teleportation has been carried out there without any problem and something else Very important regarding teleportation is that when you choose a point and give it there to modify then to continue, note that this counter has just appeared here which is indicating that we are using pokemon go, it is recommended to wait for this countdown to end Before having to make another movement with this tool, now we are going to see the other options by pressing here on the arrow and we have to be changing from a point a to a point b so we give it to enter there it will also be showing us here the location which we left the device but the difference is that now from the point where I am or will now be looking at c Any other place on the map, for example, I can select it up to here and then I have to be indicating how fast I am going to be moving either walking by bicycle or even there in a vehicle so once you have it there, decide what you have to do Right now it is to indicate how many times you want to be making this movement back and forth and then we give it here to start moving we have to be removing the multitasking applications that occupy the gps just as we did just give it and continue and just like You can see now it has just traced all that route and begins to make the movement at this moment, we can be checking it if we are going to any application that occupies the gps since we are doing the demonstration with whatsapp we are going to share the location again to see how it looks during all this moment in which the displacement is being carried out so we wait for it to finish loading gar and once you do it if you zoom to see what is happening at this moment you can see that it is actually there moving then the back to occur from a point a to a point b it works without any problem and the applications On your phone or on your tablet you will also be recognizing it in this way by returning here the program you may even be going through everything that is this journey, wait a while and then you click here to continue so that it continues making all this trip and if Like, you can also press here to stop so that all this journey will simply stop there, we press on itself and that is where it was also from here you will be able to access the history of all the movements that you have made even if you want to be removing some of them.

To be selecting people you want to eliminate and you are simply removing those that do not interest you.Now we are going to see the third option and in the multipoint movement and for that or now simply by pressing the places on the map you will be indicating which are the movements that you want to be making during this entire transfer and then simply what you have to do is to be indicating as we just saw it the speed at which you are going to move and then we simply press here to start moving remember to close the multitasking applications that occupy the gps then press there to continue and they will make all this journey that you are seeing there on the screen the difference with the previous one is that now you are Indicating specifically in which points of the map you want to be mobilizing and if we see it now on the device we will be opening WhatsApp there again to see how all this transfer happens that we are going to give you again here in the more button to be sharing the location and when it finishes loading there you will have it then we can see that everything is actually being done this route that we indicated that it was being done and now we are going to come to see the last option and that is to be making the movement on the map through a joystick we press here to enter it has to be indicating the means of transport you are going To be having and being here in the blue point you have to look at this radio because you can be touching up there and if you realize it is there moving you can be indicating movements here, it will be enough to obviously perform at the speed according to the point that You have just indycar him, you should try not to be going through the houses, some park somewhere, some ocean because obviously that will detect that he is doing something strange there then these simple ones telling him what places you are going to move now if you realize I now simply tell him where I had to go and now I am moving it to each wheel simply because someone clicked and I am going to touch it here click and I move away with the mouse and I start making the journey automatically for you so at this moment it will also appear here on the phone that is actually making this transfer so we are going to touch here on the plus sign we give it here to share location and as it appears in the map and he inhabited it in all this video you will see that he is actually making the movement here that we indicated that he was doing now from here you will also have the option to be moving the displacement you can also stop it even if you touch this Orange square will also stop all the movement you are making and now how do we do it to return the original location to our device? Well, you simply have to be closing the program here and then press here on the close button what you have to do to Next is to turn off and turn on your device and everything has returned to normal there if you decide to be acquiring this tool ienta de alfons the license will be reaching your email in just a few minutes and you get to have any type of problem and it can not be solved in less than 30 days they will be returning the money apart from giving you a Absolutely free technical support the means of payment are with any credit card including paypal and once you find the service you are looking for, press there to buy since you have the option to be placing a code to get a 30% discount this I’m going to leave it there in the description so you give someone to update and now you can buy it with a much more convenient price so it would be all that for this occasion the teacher Juan Antonio is now saying goodbye from Arica Chile I hope tomorrow with another video ah


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