Hello hello, how are you? I hope that the teacher Juan Antonio is very happy here from Arica Chile but thank you for being in this video and welcome to the teacher’s newsletter, a jailbreak newsletter, although we are all here attentive to what Paul was showing Paul at his event, he is also following so much that he talked to a new version of ios that we were waiting for and it is 14.

8 as he said the most seen, he is a member of google’s zero project Paul was part of both of them were vulnerable to the type 0 day that It means that there was no record that this was happening but with some reports to polo he was obviously moving some chips and as shown here in the security content it shows us that this entire match was actually carried out because it could be creating a malicious pdf file which may be executing arbitrary code on the device obviously this is part of everything that was talked about a while ago about this e computer security group the n is the one that created this spyware program called pegasus that allows you to be accessing any part of the device in fact all this news in part of a single video so yes find out how even devices that do not have jailbreak are vulnerable leave your like in this video to realize that you want to see it and then the next thing that the webkit wiki shows is broken safari what was happening with all this good we continue receiving vulnerabilities that attack everything that comes to be the djembé through this browser so there are good news also for all those who are from ios 14 point 7.

1 inside but that means that I have to update to 14.8 for nothing I have to keep waiting in the lowest version and obviously be saving the shs h of this independent version of the device that you have has to be doing it so that later when I contribute I will stop filming 14.

8 you can do it. ar installing even when they do not allow it, the next thing we are going to be talking about regarding this new version of ios is the invariable yerbal of the lifetime of train and we have confirmation again from tommy that tells us that it is working without any Problem this break so if you want to be doing it I’ll leave the tutorial there in the description so that you can be getting it and also if you want to be getting the blocking code for iPhones 8 and 8 plus and you can also get it with that reviewed that I’m going to leave you in the description now remember that this jailbreak is only compatible with all iphone ipod and ipad that have a processor at 11 or lower and if we are talking only about iphone from 8 and 10 down then the The question is what happens with those who have a processor at 12, 113 and 114, well, those are the good news that will come next because what you are going to see now is going to support everyone these devices and also those that we just talked about but before, since I am going to remind you of the jackpot draw for this topic that has more than 1500 and with which your entire system will probably be covered with the work you have done on beat design and the portal giveaway is also being carried out for this theme that edmund has created and which you can be using on devices with and single ‘break’ if you want this theme that you have to contact him directly and he also adds the raffles this quite original theme with some very well chosen colors called odysseus the creator of this theme is gary wood so if you want to have to be attentive to the links that I will be leaving you in the description now if the payment of the news of the video is linux games a computer security researcher absolutely project break that in the past has not only released vulnerabilities but also jailbreak tools such as the d e football and what shook the community yesterday is this video that in which he was sharing is the demonstration on an iphone 12 promax so if you are doing it on a device that has a 14 processor it means that from there to below they are all compatible note that he just turned on the equipment it was off and while he was turning other information that he gave us is that this equipment is in ios 14.

5 point 1 and once it finishes loading it will obviously be sending it there to the lock screen and this is where it gets interesting, obviously it will not be unlocking, put a code 0 0 0 0 and the 100 that are blocked and it has nothing to do with this jailbreak issue but note that now it is going to enter the settings to be showing where the device is located well there it is covering your icloud account then remove all that paper to be able to see effectively in which version of ios it finds the device and we can Confirm as he mentioned there in his tweet that it is found in ios 14.

5 point 1 and the next thing that the device is showing us was off, you saw it well then turned it on and now it goes to the home screen and exile installed you can see the price even from the tweets that means that it is not the moss site but that it is the original there are updates of the packages it is really incredible what he showed us he turned off he turned on the device and finally it was with him gebre activated it did not turn off and this is the last The time we lived it was in ios 9 when we had the pay jet that is to say that five versions of ios have passed for five years without having a going of this type that is how tremendous the untethered jailbreak is, the next thing we must remember is that when it is made this break that the last time there in 9 a computer was needed to install it on the device and probably the same will be required when it has been released if it is going to release I am going to give you the date when it has been released for now in May is 14 but the computer only does not need once to be installing it and after them you forget about it and that immediately shows us what methods with the computer already whether they are free or not paid with a developer certificate they would be practically obsolete in these versions of ios from then on obviously they will continue to live and one of the confirmations that we want to hear so much came from ios nou who was talking through the private message with line is that he is there on twitter and he asked me if it was indeed an untethered jailbreak he was confirming that it was but that it only works from ios 14.

5 point 1 and lower and that he obviously had it so that ‘not there in 14.6 so yes you are in 14.4 you have to have the same in 41 in 42 o’clock 5 well point 5.1 it is incredible that all these versions of ios and also the lower ones are going to be receiving a Jailbreak untethered after so long without having one, I am in particular at 14.

3 and I will be uploading this version that is with red color that apple does not allow to install because in the past I was saving my shs h device so hence the value they have so a while ago when I was talking about 14.

8 you have to be saving it because one day you are going to use it and they are really useful now this is not the only way to be installing a version of ios that apple does not allow there is also the forbidden profile of ios that to this day if you have and the break in your computer you may be installing guess that there are you see 14.

5 point 1 as all the planets are aligning and regarding the date of liberation dios nou was also consulting the inews genes and he was answering that he was going to do this probably but not before the month of October because he has to wait these three months the 90 days that establishes Paul in his rewards program when an ex-boy is reported so from the month of November we would already have him with us and probably in that month we will have the update of lyell 20 and cover as well as that of taurine and why I think this is good if you remember the video that the women did not show, it did not show so fully functional already detecting the tweets and having this package manager installed so it is practically ready to arrive and be used and the best of all is that it will work on any device so if you are in any of these versions of ios at least you would not be receiving this and want that in particular but what I like to enrich everything that is in this version to more than half of the community that has responded to this survey enjoying a jailbreak and once again this legendary and old advice that says you have to be waiting in the version takes on a lot of value lowest of ios and if the wait was worth it and you will be able to be enjoying it and also this week it was publishing news regarding me is 15 because there are already news regarding the cover in this version of ios and also for the bullfighting team as well that you are not going to miss them and there is also news with check rain in ios 15 that was part of the conversation we had with cha 2 last weekend and when all this happens you already know that the tutorial and any other news I will be sharing on my channel because their videos related to the jailbreak every day so it would be all that for this time the teacher says goodbye now from Chile I hope tomorrow with another video


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