hello hello how are you guys how are you i hope the teacher juan antonio from arica chile accompanied in this week 78 it is customary on this channel to be sharing this instant of conversation of kiss eyes and this time for the first time he is accompanying me a person I know I think it’s been a long time but now we just have this instance may be talking we have here someone experienced in the world of jailbreak with experience also creating themes so we are sorry we are not going to ask to introduce the guest of this day how it is what your tell us the name hello this good basic night if then greet the whole community east of boils this more than anything in the entire Hispanic and this as most know me as living and so this is my nickname but really this my name is jorge For everyone and I am from Mexico, today I am a creator only of themes I am not a developer developers sound but when people say they are des Overwhelming themes jorge someone says nothing but creates a theme it is not known in time, not only the time will squeeze his head to create a design one line and then he extrapolates it to others and he could be creating an icon and he is releasing updates there is a reverse work behind me 76 jorge that the creation of themes has people who are dedicated to that they have all my admiration of respect because there is a lot behind the themes that you have created, could you tell us some of which are called how many have released in which it rests You find around here I have like five songs this one I have the first ones that is really like when they were not so relevant since it was up to what my minimum level was and what is right now this what was titanium being and this my last song which was this diamond that was the last one that I launched right now because I am working on new ones but since there is no vrac then I am waiting to see if there will be or will not be there or wait until the a The May update is Christian and it is 15 what was to talk about then what was going to happen where they develop the penalties we could now for 2021 2022 quite interesting that and in which repelled it has lodged because this most are in impact that all and it is par excellence and for Most are like the big boss of today not in the past we all depended on the big boss’ of beatbox and now that it is not that it is here that it has reached that extreme it is done quite well it has grown a lot so continue you are seeing the user and Jorge’s shadows twitter account on the screen in your other social networks, you are going to have it and obviously you have to know a little more about him since you dedicate yourself to developing themes when it was the first time he mentioned a jailbreak according to Jorge, how did you enter this world that iphone you had at that time it was an iphone an ipad front people a long time ago this had this is my first apple device it was an ipad 2g 2 that was before growing up that go out to the first generation second generation then that was my first post array was 8 gb at that time which will be a lot by then since the maximum I think was 16 gigs and I already jailbroken with conred snow and from there I started from the old school because after there he got an iphone 3g that was one of the first and reminded me that at that time the king of grass was made a lot more to release them and that it was used more than anything it was almost not for aesthetics to change and with the many but it was more for that more than anything ultras I do not remember that it was a famous network that there was a tweet inside that came with the same name that would need to block 3g 3gs and some iphone4 depended on the true weisman the signing of the people at that time and were not really amazing think so good in fact it makes the first break a goal that all iphones came with the contract haiti in Beijing want to highlight the phone and Unic as a way to change my company there appeared yo yo hot the name george hotz who made the first and the bng and clarín sub caused a whole boom and now you are facing jailbreak without this 14.

3 anyway he wants you to be using I have an iphone 6s give it ok well how good that this game occupies because there is a question that is related to those same in fact I told you the questions before the recording I did not know what device I had so it is very good news it is called glad that I have a consecrated team itself I think you have experience with that break, so let’s start first by talking about this issue of what will happen with the break, that is, when I will be updating my issues, you say you will be that I have to update them to This year it will be that we are going to have a break that is 2021 or we must be celebrating by 2022 will it be that we are going to have it at a 14 point something or we do not have to go there is simply 15 to wait and the wait it became untenable in year is 14 there are people who have reached that extreme not that patience seems to have run out some of them and due to the delay of the jailbreak they are saying better let’s go, I’m going, I ‘m going to 15 generate, leave these days, I’m going I am going to install and point to that type of comments and with all the experience you have because how you react to that type of sayings what advice would you give what do you think about it is that I believe that it is already in this world only so that it always exists There is that unknown whether or not we update more and well, most of us know about Jeff Beck, now that patience is what we should all have, more than anything, a lot because now with Gilbert you feel like before he left new version and herbert new version new jailbreak new now with what that is, there is news if you now have the compatible versions, then wait and do not update more than anything, so it is a matter of time and patience rather than n Well, if you like the script, what else is waiting today? He just said two phrases that for me are key because the first thing those who know about the jailbreak know that they have to be patient with the digital start and now lastly there are people who if you like the good jailbreak simply have to wait because what would be the one that we are going to have by opinion people believe that we are going to have a jailbreak before in the next one as long as we are going to have the most recent for devices 12 to 13 to 14 from the iphone and ss 10 r the 11 s of the second generation and all 12 believes that we are going to have an ice and for those devices now at a 14.

4 point five points 6.7.8 or that that device next and he sees that they will have that year is 15 is playing the arts, he does not simply give his opinion and sometimes it is correct, there are times that it is not a question that we have the answer, it is simply an opinion so when he believes this serious it is May 14 it is 15 I have a feeling that if he is going to come out in airs 14 but what Right now in these times more than what happens to live to me is 15 the new iphone many will want to update the bone strength and although we like grass for having there it is 15 we will update this and it happens then and many who want to boil because they are going to have to wait in airs 14 but I think that well I, from my point of view, this one I am going to update there is whoever it is because I think that with check law because I think there will be no failure but now the others if they like it wait because I feel that if there is going to be a next green yesterday this in this year more than anything because for me it is 15 I think it will be until the next year as always as in February March more or less until a stable version because I do not believe Let it be in no one is 15 92 and I also believe the same in fact hundreds arriving people say no I am not going to go up to it is 15 I got bored waiting for as a current spite as with a whim as with a rage as well as you saw it was delayed then I’m going to update And it’s like one has to be exiled, please, I don’t know if they are going to go up or if the wait is being delayed or if they are waiting so long for it is 14 imagine for them at least in the last in the last three years history It has not shown that the jailbreak has come out in February obviously things can happen along the way that may come out in January or in December ahead of time but for that to happen, at least with the experience we have, it seems complicated so they are waiting if they feel that they do not They have patience in the year of 14 and they want to go up to I, it’s 15 I in a certain way I extend it, I understand Jorge because you have to think that the subscribers of this channel is the world where we are stuck, we are not simply iPhone users and there it was, but we want to see new things on our device and I am 15, although it does not bring so many news that they are saying, I still want to try something new I want to upload just imagine those who have an iphone 12 pro e ntonces leave at 14.

4 waiting since January February of this year then they have the tremendous processor team at 14 a beast and a new ios comes and says oh how am I going to stay here but as you say if they want to jailbreak the advice is to stay there simply because We know that a jailbreak is going to arrive I know exactly why because right now if they have been waiting there for so long then this update goodbye 15 will be waiting much longer then this and possibly we will still have to have news and yesterday is if they have not boiled in which version What devices because that is another delay and instead right now with news from them 14 because it is safer that it is a babe and it is in this year that is, it is not so much the delay to wait for a herberg in May it is 15 good because if I They said they arrive upgradeable and the jailbreak comes out there is the cast hit the single and now they continued to go there is nothing to do there is to cry over the spilled milk and there one is not simply I told them but this sentence is not I like it in fact I think I have it, it lies in the same Kabul Aryans I do not like to occupy that because it hurts when they tell you I told you because that does not remain like the times as stubborn deceased as he had his idea as Jorge said that he has been in for years this and also I have to live the accruals in gold and the break from ios 4 until now with 10 years with jailbreak so history repeats itself year after year now it is obviously more difficult because it makes it more complicated every time but there is nothing I am going to go up to the kings but that year they won is 15 that win emoji that earn the most I do not know I do not know the great improvements are coming to me now there is an index here that they will be receiving total afterwards it can be going up anyway always occupying the s hs h using this restore writing tool you can install versions of it is that today x is not claiming that it does not let you install so if I already have those files saved for my device then why upload is If I already have it saved, it makes no sense to be uploading everything at some point this tool has resorted to restore filters, does it or not, it never uses it regularly, always when this is but I hear news that I will return whenever it tried to arrive, not update this more and if I have and the bra well I do not lose it until I really see news that it does not have it comes and it is necessary to update I do it but this future restaurant is never used and this one on a regular basis neither I do not keep my feces in fact it is not like That is why it is by regular I have always had jailbreak is recommended but either I am in all the time that I have been the years this never is or I try to take care of myself and the vrac and this one also does not install is that many lose of hare when you first leave In checking everything, that is, it is like there are they lose and they focus on a but love ‘well, goodbye the break and then there is another circumstance that may happen now well, I had in a certain way you He has the peace of mind that he has a device that is compatible with the jailbreak of the kingdom, so that is not also that high concern I have to thische crane but with re-progression he signs a cover in any way if it is turned off so that it is well I have to If not, it does not appear on the computer, it is the perfect combination, no, I also recommend that although one has a device that is compatible with check rain, having it as far as possible within another version that is compatible with alcover or bullfighting with any other jailbreak that is such aether that does not need a computer to be reactivated then there is how everything is perfect now I personally recommend you save that hs h because if something happens to you because you go down and you have to go up to 14.

7 with me you can surely go down to 14 to 103 but for those of you you had to have saved them in 14.3 you always saved us already out the opportunity is gone is these files are unique for each device so My advice for you is that you save them from now on and do not take anything else over there is a tweet called ts 6 bears that the device does directly and it is so because it is as simple as experts entering my team here is one enter of that 6 see where it is then there it is then entered ats seibert and you touch the button from there save and ready with the equipment that are compatible with check rain allows you to do it this way and well then the web page is loaded where it shows you all the versions of birds that have been saved in this case on my computer are all are from yesterday 14 to I is 13 10 12 10 11 in another then to the custom to have them saved and saved because really what it takes you had is a few seconds and what has a 12 113 and 114 can also be achieved without jailbreak obviously it takes a few seconds more seconds more listen well a few seconds more because you have to be extracting other information obviously the recommendations nes that they are always occupying it now with this same theme of elche crime I wanted to continue talking to you because you know that in help 14 we got a surprise between sweet and bittersweet, that is, we came from ayo stress they remain very happy having a jailbreak no longer I could do anything we had a crazy guard Jorge who was the whole boom of the icloud bypass installing android to the phones that the iphone 7 especially I am going to install android an iphone and he could be doing the jailbreak from other devices is the head explodes in In reality, the amount of possibilities offered by sectors of the check mail that of the checkmate all good in May is 13 we reached the year is 14 and apple made some changes there although not to be starting the jailbreak they looked for another way not to make life so pleasant and it was specifically for the iphone 88 plus and the 10 and for the ipad also that have an 11 processor that allows us to perform the must be queen Unless you are deactivating or the car and the face side and depending on your device then why did that at 11 and it hurt because obviously who wants to be losing their universe the encryption true the advice that you can have civility these private data but To date, several methods have appeared that allow you to be recovering the code that, although it is not the same as having the 610 page in Haiti, at least it is something, that is, it is preferable that worse is nothing but with these at least you already have a level of protection to be taking care of your applications etc.

that was me is 14 so the big question is what will happen now with ios 15 will it be who ios 15 apple is going to do something we are all in a hypothetical case because it is going to come out to me skin se It will be a few days for you to come to klein as normal, but in the hypothetical case that the situation remains the same for the 88 plus devices and the 10 that you have not changed, you have an iphone 6s, what would you feel if you I know that the same move that made Polo the 11 to remove the security reaches your 6s or reaches the iPhone 7 that you think would be the future of this great it will be that since little by little it will go down like Now that we are going to have to be obtaining a device 112 113 114 how would you feel since apple gets to play that game that makes us kill ourselves because now that the jailbreak has materialized but if they don’t put that exclusivity they would think their decisions I think so It is a good question of what to do this more than anything because right now we can do it, you are great because in any version there is this and the best so the unstoppable because it continues to this day the problem is that and as it says there is alternatives but now it is not the same as having this now yes if your cell phone is turned off then the herb is removed God was now yes your you who protects you so much because it will no longer be of any use then wants this one but I think in the same way nera as it has lost this strength hq rain from not doing an update to windows to like leaving it in the stop because they did not do anything again until today then this and in ios 15 because I see it more difficult more for the devices new that so new iphone this device is already older because as they are forgetting about them and focuses more on the new then I think that right now the only alternative without from my point of view is updated because it is going to be a cover or tauri, any of those two tools, more than I had to use crane for mechel rain and we know that in the past day another man called black rain, well that’s where the name of jacques rain comes from, that is, the king of rain and they changed the black for the check from the tecomate the checkmate una vita the game the name I that also works it was also unstoppable but from the iPhone 3g down much older than the ones there are now I did not have the opportunity to try it because the first iPhone I had was It’s an iphone 4 and from there I started to jailbreak but since it came out check me personally if you ask me which one is miguel from the favorite ssh crane even though I have an iPhone 10 it is compatible and I have it in 14.

3 but not It is with check reyna now although I have the mac to be able to be activating on Friday with total ease it seems to me sensational that is the world of possibilities that this jailbreak offers and to know that even in ios 15 we will be able to be doing it in a person telling me It matters about security or they will look for other ways to be achieving it because even without gerber there are also techniques to have that although it is not so comfortable that with jailbreak the jailbreak really makes your life easier in that sense compared to what it gives you I this for me is going to be I believe that for a long time the best thing is a jailbreak that is going to be my favorite and that I will always remember with a lot of affection it sounds as if I was saying goodbye to life but I believe that he still has a lot left with us because I think there will be a check point while we still have the iphone 7 8 on the day because he thinks it helps science is still compatible with the six Scots so I think I will continue he still has a lot of time but also With the years that are going to go by, people are going to renew their device and I think that if it comes to making this move that I just mentioned to you, it would be like first I would not be surprised and second it would still hurt because it means that little by little I will Doors are closing on us and we would have to return to the same scenario and now watch out before check rain we had ios 11 electra jan cober in ios 12 in chimera and elektra we would already have to return to the era of semi ante ter breaks simply with those we have now with alcover and bullfighting we would have to maybe say goodbye to this crime for a while people keep requesting it for devices at 12 to 36 to 14 1 he explains several times that he has And an issue that Apple modified the processor from 12 onwards and that is why it was created on the internet compatible with these computers and probably it will never do it and if it becomes compatible years later, it may not even go away crown Another tool is going to appear that is going to get it, let’s hope that something like this could be discovered and released but for now I think that is why it will hurt, I do not know if it will lose popularity but in your case, in your case, what did you want? you had to choose between the security of your computer or simply lose the code in order to jailbreak which path you would take in case he does something for him to continue I know that obviously it is not confirmed yet what you think you choose for the security of your team I do not jailbreak or I am a theme developer I have to try the blow that joins me my only team the best I do the jailbreak and I lose the security as well as the matrix no more but given the bomb the solid red that I want I would and I believe that more than anything I get for this master’s degree that it is my only device that I would go for security more than anything either as it is something personal and then all my information is there so what would be like burning more It is essential that he came then, but in some way, it does not discourage me so much because I know that there are more tools than that in the same way it will return free and it is not like that every year there is always then this or that is the certainty that Jake is comparing himself with us, it boils as it made me much more stable even from the beginning in class right now and this and without so much this as much update as this first governor did that they continue to polish it still and this and being king is not more so seeing many say that it is the same but it really is not I did not try it it is very very very different and more in a device with mine that is already older because this feels and is what I like about check touring but now yes it does say it makes that change I think it means more for the safety of me than my device more than anything and they waited for a jailbreak see either glass or no food they look if I asked myself if there is a question that I have just to do I would also like to answer today I do not know what to do because yes I am I am a fan of the jailbreak not of a tool or of a particular phone but it would be super difficult I know that there are some people who have gotten into the habit that is they have done it for several days to escape point that becomes a habit that they are during the house with jailbreak they will leave the house jorge hard reset or with a tweet powers elector whatever it is reboot to restart the device they put the code and go to the street they go to their work is a place of study etc.

they come home and break again and live that way maybe I would have to be opting for something of that style because you mentioned yourself there are already tweets that end and there are tweets that it do but if the phone is switched off restarts discharged or someone does it for you jailbreak stops working the tweet stops working and becomes no security then it is a very complicated question that will move and does not solve the team Alcover because I’m sure they already know what happened I’m sure they already have the jailbreak since the first beta of ios 15 but they also said that they will not be launching it in an expectation version now they wait until the final hearing like this that we are going to see what awaits us these days with this unstoppable jailbreak that of this crime for life to see what we can be getting out of it so the mystery is going to be revealed very soon and when that happens there you are wondering how you jorge will obviously see of you should also have your twitter user that they are going to be talking to him thank everyone for their support more than anything this all all Hispanics more than anything we are dedicated c I think that now we are the bad guys who create and design themes because quite a few were very few and well now I see that the creation of themes has increased more and this wingate if the rest this and that m’agrada because now, as always, the What benefits are we are all more than anything until me then this one and that pleases me that the community continues to grow because even though it has been years since the jailbreak has declined a lot but I think there is still a lot, there are many that continue to fascinate us this this world more than anything is good you also have all the links on their subjects there in the description so you can be and is also a participant for supporting jorge with all the work that is doing very grateful high had for hope here other than Neither the first nor the last and obviously this conversation will be repeated very soon, so I ask a Jorge from Mexico that if he goes from Mexico, it is you in the state of Mexico from Arica Chile we dispatch then nces see you tomorrow with another video we have ah


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