hello hello how are you guys how are you i hope the porsche juan antonio is here from arica chile having an illustrious visit you could say a great guest who from time to time appears on the channel at crucial moments he is with us accompanying us where he is proud well known And in the community, especially with the bypass part, we are recording 13 hours apart, one here in Chile and the other in China.

How are you clicking on everything? Good afternoon everyone, as always, a pleasure to be here on the teacher’s channel. Well, it has been playing that there is already a long time that it did not appear here now I do not remember when it was the last time but above all new versions of ios appear if we are with one I expected some people a little distressing and May 15 doubts what happens with check rain that We know that it is a very important tool to be performing the bypass and so many other things so we are going to be talking about these issues but before here I want you to ltar cristian how are you here what happened that i see you little active on twitter for being good since the last time you were here on the community channel that both jailbreak and bypass have been progressing in a direction that perhaps does not fit With what I expected then, well these communities I have put them aside a bit and I am with a management with a new project in another very different community that would be like a car community that has nothing to do with telephones then it would be The reason why I have been perhaps a bit more inactive in the last year but when you dedicate yourself to working with cars and what it does to it, what I have done is to develop some electronic module to interact with the kahn system of the vehicles the cam system as it is all the electronics of the vehicle then what you get is to make such use asiri to do things in the car down the windows of the four things intermittent p Or the holiday is what it is, so to speak, they are jailbreak students, it is also interesting how far you can go, I tell you because here in Chile, good in medical, I say there is no such vehicle, it is so advanced, so futuristic, the wifi, what they must have the same, no It’s so much my attention, I do n’t know where all the technology is leading here too, as you say, one is seeing how things are going this jailbreak for me is like a TV called a hobby on the channel now as a part-time job for You are all the programming is something of the weill and it is not the 24/7 it is what you do day by day I want to clarify it like this because we do not lack the people who suddenly say to our vision or left us to do it for money but Of course, if you work with this, you have to be maintaining a whole household, everything that the expenses of the month mean, but even 100% of the by-pass is abandoned, another part of you that is still using the tool that you have on your servers Not me the tool as such I keep reading other other providers are constantly updating adding functions mine has already reached that point where I only update if apple changed if it is necessary to update by cardoso but I no longer add anything new is stagnant so to speak although well my servers logically I keep them because one watts other various services hang from my servers are they are resellers of mine so of course I have that commitment with them that as long as it is humanly possible it is to say that apple does not patch it at all Well, I have to keep that working, now we are going to start with news of the week and more than talking about the science news of the more technical queries regarding the knowledge that you have, we know that ios 15 was implementing as a security mechanism to be mitigating any type of modification that is going to be made is the root in the system partition that at the moment nto in which it is detected that a file is being renamed or copying and pasting, adding any information either by installing tweet or Syria, it is said that the phone is going to go black that is in a kind of efe mode and that the only The way to get it out of there is by restoring the device.

One of the doubts that I have on twitter is how people discover this, how they came to that information, it will be that they were doing tests how those tests are done as if they reached a conclusion of this type, even integral of the chip 20 team and they have also said it that way but as if they came to conclude something like reaching that, it is such bad news that we hear good, basically in the hardware hub, as I told you last year about the chip boom itself wood room that uses shake gain that is known by the name of check made is if apple has not changed, it cannot do anything to protect that ship, the only thing they can do is implement another tip or solutions to mitigate it like this one that they have implemented this year or like the one they implemented last year with the set as they have discovered that apple has done this is very simple if you run the check mail book you immediately have access to install a disk fh with the ssh disk what you get is access to the phone directory system that the developers have discovered that by running checkmate you effectively have access to the iphone directory system to the file system but the moment you change something even if it is simply the name of a file of a single letter in the file name the phone goes to black then from here and from and from several other other discoveries that have been made in the file system that those apps have concluded that they have implemented this system that macintosh in mac had already been implemented for two or three years I think with catalina it seems to me they implemented it in catalina this same thing I know the app apps and acs ceiling, which means that the moment you change anything that operating system no longer turns on the kernel, it does not consider it valid and it puts you in a kind of game mode that is how it comes out spitting and can To be removing them in that way is yes or yes with the restoration I have also heard that there are some special cables with which you can always revive the device in a tender way, yes but at this time any of the methods are either by the restoration with iTunes or free youtube are a lifelong audience with some of the special crystals that you mention implies restoring the changes you have made, therefore at this time none of those are viable for the jailbreak but this does not mean that this solution that apple has implemented I’m going to end the jailbreak that is not in any way, it will be like that, too, I wanted to consult you because one through the years is observing the distinctions he strategies that paul is occupying to in one way or another be slowing them down, we were used to it and several years since a vulnerability appeared, well, a system update was released, he shared the security content where it showed here patched and it was like all the solutions at that level I think that one of the one of the strongest restrictions established by the culture mentioned a while ago with which they believe in it is 14 was this of the sep that is to say that the face side and the car stop working and leave the phone without that security part as it cannot patch the checkmate the checkmate exploit has to find another way then black birds appeared this other is the one we talked about in the last podcast and I am going to leave them here in the description for you You are going to see it because although that video has been going on for about a year, the information that is delivered is still current and is quite invalid and important but they looked for the way we are solved nando unfortunately the blackbird does not work with the devices to 11 the iphone or 8 iphone 10 images after a year and although there are tweets that allow you to be helping to have a bit of the code, the security has not been the same in Those teams then, as Apple returned the handle, I am going to do this to ruin my life in a certain way, but now a type of brake appeared to close the door that you have come to me to modify the system and I implement it.

Frame is now the phone. to knock it down, I’ll just kill it, the technical team way to revive it for messing with me is to restore it, so it’s like a type of strategy security lock, a method that occupies because we hadn’t seen it before, so right away it doesn’t start to fear and say it will be.

This the end already told me no but it will be possible to solve it and we will find a way because there is also talk of a possibility of a ruthless jailbreak if you have to be modifying it to root itself but doing the installation on the other side but do you think this can be no getting good news for the good community I think before contrast to a key question leads to make a review and I personally see that considered that the solution that apple implemented last year in children 14 with thirst, since it can be said that it was paper, did it in 70 percent or 75 percent did it as a direct response checkmate that is this ship check rain is using this year ‘s however I do not consider it in response to the jailbreak as such if not this solution is key to the safety of iphones and if we forget the jailbreak this will put many are obstacles to many malware there for iphone then on the one hand it is bad for those of us in this community to a greater or lesser extent to the jailbreak feef but on the other hand it is vitally important for the security of the iphones so I think that is a difference that has to be highlighted between last year’s solution with ios 14 and this year regarding the question that you asked me good, the ruthless jailbreak is nothing new, it has been talking about them well when I was a developer to install 5 that It has been several years since that one and I was with each other james blake doubles and to me they seem to me to be a great solution in a way because well it is a criticism that has been made to the jailbreak it is always that you give access to the route of your iPhone then they are always criticized that well, because your iPhone is more vulnerable it does not have to be but hey that criticism is made of it all I think a ruthless jailbreak is a very good solution because you have 99% of the features of a jailbreak and touching the root of the iphone then this would be a way to continue but I do not think that the check rain team will continue for this life in this way because there are other solutions that will take time that yes for It is not easy but the waves will find and I think personally I am not sure because this has not been discussed with them nor do I think anybody else but I personally think that they type it will turn out as it has always been up to now children 13 children 14 children 12 that way it will not be a router although probably so other jailbreaks will come out in loops for the 15 we would be talking about a look for a plan b a plan a plan of him I think it has also become a challenge for him Check-line team because they seem to be well united and when they see that all this happened, it is like it is like a challenge is imposed, I think to the programmer, I will say I am going to achieve it either for me that is all I will not be there achieving I’m going to be looking for the solution and a question that they always ask is that having the answer is super complicated but tláhuac and because people are still restless is the time how long this could take it will be before 2022 take that reference no more for Staying a month and a day would be crazy but do you think that before 2022 we will have it at least check rain I think that before 2022 it will be very late at the beginning of 2022 jacqueline will be working with 100% support for them 15 taking into account taking into account Note the limitations of the sep of last year that of course those do not disappear basically we drag them in children 15 also that must be taken into account and it may seem like a new limitation that apple has done the same for the 10 to the 9 the iphone 7 the 6 that can keep names not in the 10 that is already broken with blackbird therefore they will not have they will not have a way to fix it because the sep of those phones is already violated so to speak and the ones on the phones previous the 6 the 6 s because that is they do not even have the necessary hardware for apple to implement that solution therefore those from the beginning have not been a problem nor will they be what could happen is that m agically one day a solution similar to black will appear to see for those at 11 I told you last year that I would never say no to that and I still do not tell him not to go a year but who knows maybe it will take another three years but I still believe that at some point it will turn out well and if it does not cease to amaze me as it does Paul, it is still to be admired how it is true that they are looking after the issue of security a while ago it is supposed to be a matter Of the pegasus of spyware that seeks in one way or another to be protecting the devices and has to be free from these malware, I find this point of view interesting that states that it did all this for the issue of check mail at least in this it is 14 and that now it is as part of its update and well we are affected in an indirect way, you could say but let’s see how all this happens I also have hope that it is believe I always say it breaks like the impartial one For life it is still a very favorite for me Cristian I have tried jailbreaks from ios 456 all to them is 14 and really what I saw is check rain although some people see it as a limitation the issue of doing it through a computer you know that you can have it in any version of ios it is something that had not been seen for more than a decade so it is impressive what this tool does that it has also learned from it I have had conversations with other people who are from technical services and from Suddenly they need to extract information from the anam of the device to make changes to the Haitian face because the pieces are damaged, so what does this jailbreak do and well the bypass issue and a lot of other things that is really impressive this always for me as I told you just because of these and other factors it is one of my favorites, I would also have to say how the team was formed, the change that occurred in the leader of the tool lucato dzeko who tweeted after he started jailbreaking nobody launched one it was very toxic it would be that if he luca everyone with those years of marriage he has thrown fire at everyone he did not care at all I had a change of attitude in him and He met with people and among everything they said we are going to get them the same, that is, the story behind check point d’angelo personally impresses me a lot and a great local pro of course it is logical that dzeko captured it at that time at the time of them nine Indians ten because he would be approximately 16 17 years old but if you believe it is really incredible among other developers we always have the is exists that we consider the other jailbreaks as small child’s toys and jailbreak we consider it as a working tool of the webs the check team rain does things well as they have to be done with the other boy passes you can not always say the same thing or forgive the others gameplay well he was talking to me a little then what What happens with the bypass, what they believe and the other herbs in one way or another are helping all this to be done I was talking a few days ago because in fact I first communicated with Ricardo de Feeling because he had a device for one person but one hundred percent percent of my confidence and that I what his father or grandfather had an iPhone that had forgotten the password and it turns out that my son can no longer be bypassed percent I sent a voice note to ricardo I will forward it to you later by private on the web and I think that Ricardo has that he has saved, he must have laughed at Napoli and you do not like talking against the bypass and now you are reopening yourself, traveling to me seriously Ricardo was filling up but I am aware that there are times what happens and what contributes to give shape to be recovering the password is precise that you forget or is your dad who had an iphone and forgot the password had an ass he knew what email he had linked to either If it happens but still I don’t change my mind I prefer not to share that content at all on the channel but you know that I also don’t intend to cover the sun with a finger and if I can talk with someone who is dedicated to that one can have a conversation with a high eye and with respect and as we also speak privately, one cannot speak one can think differently without having to become the enemy of the other person, simply respect is the basis of all this, but the question is what is going to happen well with everything we have talked about ios 15 with the by-pass may be the future of the by-pass had stagnated what is going to happen with the bypass for example for the new 15 with the iphone a whole new model of the iphone 13 The bypass with the man with a signal at least with the method with which he did it, I appeal, it started at about 14,800 14.

6 sorry, I left him or there then in minus 15 there will be no bypass with a signal but what there is going to be that bypass is no signal carried Much also that depends on check rain, then there are the street thoughts a generic once there is a jailbreak post at first there will be no major complications and this of the dimensional signal means that in aid 14.

7 14 71 14.8 there is bypass but there is no telephone signal that is what you mean there is no telephone signal that is not or not and that cannot be solved well we know it remains because it was patching that as you mentioned it but we would have to look for another technique they are looking for another technique you are looking for another technique takes us to this community is out Of them, what happens is that the previous mouth was a pretty silly book, the cap had on the chip of the baseband the baseband is the processor that is in charge of the communications gsm the communication tower plane bus that is that it did not check the imei number In the activation ticket, that is, each phone has its email number but the processor for some reason was not checking that this email corresponded to the phone.

or the one that was installed then but apple split it in 14.6 introduced an update of the firmware of the baseball and patched that so that it was bought to come and see me then with that the bypass is patched for life with this method because of what you said at the beginning of what you are dedicating now you are not looking for another solution but you have heard from other people who are looking for it because of course having the iphone as an ipod well at least something to have it and dead in a drawer at least as an ipod but you know of some People who as well as some are looking for vulnerabilities to make a jailbreak who are looking for a way again to give a signal to the computers I know that there have been other other solutions that have come out and have worked for a period of time that good those vulnerabilities for what to me understand they are more on the apple server than on the mobile phone so they have worked for a while I do not know how much exactly weeks months but in the end just he ends up patching it with updates on his server so I do not see much future to the bypass with a clear signal that is, he lives in a situation quite similar to what we have to live with the jailbreak and we have a season of release yale then from I can see the fall we are asleep and then the jailbreak picks up again or we are not in a period in which several vulnerabilities are being released to do so and then a tool for the jailbreak would be coming is like similar with the bypass you see it so something will come out with they are going downhill no more and at least the national part is going I would say that with the bypass with one part the signal in the situation is much worse than with the jailbreak because with the jailbreak at least at the simple moment you have the certainty of What to see come out of something that you have at this moment is certain from a technical point of view that the mitigation that Apple has done this year from the point of view of l bypass because it is not so clear even if it were possible to find a new solution it is possible to cover the patches in days weeks as they have been doing until now, that is, in that sense, there is very well aware of this issue of the bypass and not wants to be eliminating yes or yes it is very funny because apple did not care about the bypass issue during the two during the first year or the first two years but recently in the last four or five months they have put in killer mode something that comes out something that They kill, I remember here, especially when the crane comes out, well, the bypass issue became viral, it could be said within the community because this was done again that many people yearn for and of course it was the first time I think it was absurd, a file that was modified I was inside the system I never got too much delay as I saw tutorials as well as above to understand a little and from there little were but those by passes you mean to change a system a file, sorry logically in axis points out what I mean to stay as a live ipod but the ones that are not really removed from the easy community caused us to be the ones with signals who left the phone 100% operational but even Those apples did not care about those by passes during the first two years practically and now past that now it began to matter and well I understand that someone reported up the issue of the bypass and the giant woke up in order to wake up the sleeping giant as Japanese or America in world war II something then before and that all this was happening and did not know I had no idea it either ignored it or did it ignored but I rather think the first that really had no knowledge or not They knew how the bypass was done that there is always the possibility that they did not have the knowledge and had not decided to investigate how it was being done, they gave it up.

gone and the moment they got the report of how the inteco was, which was the exact bushing, because they opened their eyes to write, I think that not even in the last time we recorded that I asked you if Apple can take the tools with which is bypass we do for Windows on the file on the former point the installer or m & g macro is and try to unzip it to say a very simple word and seeing what it is you told me that protected Certainly some can be in another nine logically we protect them with search engines and others and other tools that are available to protect the code and on the other hand it is also true that the vulnerability itself we execute it on our server so even if apple has access to the ecce it is It is very difficult for them to find anything because everything happens on the server side, one that what happens is that in recent months, if not always the code or it was leaking little by little and in the end there was already people who sold you the bypass code for 50 dollars things like that then maybe this is how it came to but in the end someone said I am going to report a loss I logically carry that open code already died it does not work if you mention that the situation of the ipad was more discouraging than the jailbreak one, let’s hope something will appear, I don’t know, I say, let’s wait because I include myself in that case that there was a person who had a device and anyway I think we looked for all the ways and Ricardo even told me dolphin rain He wants to find a way to have the password because there is nothing better than having the phone absolutely clean without having to go through it, it takes more than everything like a planet to do as the last resort and well in the end it helped me to be able to unlock the The device will be an iphone 7 so there would be no problem with I think it was less than 14.

5 because of the signal issue, one must be a person offering the bypass with signal, pay me I’ll give you a sign You and you know that with this a black market is created because badly the way the tools that work really work with what they simply want to be taking advantage of others and there are a lot there are many workers in our community and well we want things progress in a favorable way for both the ipad and the jailbreak keep this community alive in the meantime you know that the doors of this Christian channel are open so that we can continue talking but we have found very soon there are some words that you have parting, nothing many Thanks to all your followers for having been watching this video, it shines, I hope you soon have something that something else to contribute and can return to channel 1, it would be quite interesting if Cristian says goodbye from China and the Antonio project from Chile, well, it would be all difficult to do see you tomorrow with another video


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