hello now how are you guys how are you i hope the teacher juan antonio from arica chile this week 82 bringing this sunday content with a conversation about the things that have been happening this week a different analysis in don alan’s company like tables tech all good very good night good morning good afternoon all good thank you for inviting me here is channel normally you also from twitter user to ideal on screen so that you can be following all your social networks they will also be there in the description so that They can be there supporting him as well and also on his youtube channel you can’t tell what his channel is about for those who don’t know, I know that most of them already know it but that he can tell us a little about that of course, yes, well, he must extend a channel like others who already know about the jailbreak and Latin American community of twix jailbreak news of program recommendations application recommendations You do everything, basically everything that refers to these particular issues, it is worth mentioning that right now, well, I am somewhat inactive, I already have about two months that nothing goes up or more than two months I am a little limited in time but hopefully in the future to reactivate it since there is more opportunity in the same way my twitter user I am retweeting the most important thing also all the most relevant videos of the moment and well continue leave me alone like also here in this video share it with your friends and well that is basically and The first thing I want to talk about is but there is a corner, it has already landed, it is already with us, we are going at 15 points 0.

1 the beta of 15.1 b and the beta 3 so it is already quite a lot already advancing little by little as normal, almost a month of the liberation of ios 15 and we already carry all this and people are beginning to get impatient because there were some who said without fear of success I am going to I is 15 and there are others who as they are still there in the doubt that it will be there with the ive 14 still waiting but some some changes that it was making as with any operating system that is when we were in ios 13 and it went to gods 14 to implement several security measures within ios which at the time seemed like bad news not There was a lot of hope to be able to carry out a jailbreak, but the months passed, that unforgettable February 27 arrived, Jan Cober covering everyone’s mouth, especially me, who already gave him up for dead because punctually he did not give any signal on his Twitter account.

And it turns out that now another year appears, it is new and those bad news that we receive every time a new version of ios comes out but this time maybe the same thing is said every year but it seems to be different because what is known now we are going to start talking first the future store this tool that I think most have already listened to what is incredible the possibility of it may be installing versions of ios that it gives Because it does not allow you, it is a tool that has to deal with three requirements: the first to have the jailbreak on the computer, the second to save them, shs h, but the third, which is seldom named because one is not used to apple modifying it, but Now he did modify it as with each new version of aires that in the part of making and beige go the sep is all that is linked to the encryption of our information the part of security with the biometric sensors of toché or face haití And also the part of the beige van that is mainly oriented towards what the phone calls are, so that your iPhone continues to be an iPhone and does not transform into a woe at the time but Apple was making changes in the Sep has the baseband changes that today If one wants to be occupying the restore fruit, in reality, one can be occupying the devices, if I am not mistaken, those with a processor at 10 o or lower or of the 9, be it speaking of the i phone 7 iphone 6s down, which is the least amount of people who are remaining today, most are in higher versions, so the question is what do you think is going to be happening with future store? This change that apple implemented will be something another of the moves that this company is making to simply cancel the tool or it does it because it is simply updating all the part of its security of the sep everything that is the baseband provide a better experience with everything that is the telephone part will be that filter this is update and we are going to use it again or those of us who remain investments I do not know for a 14.

3 when it appears they want to have in 14 51 we will not be able to go up to 14 51 because you all this is not working what do you think is in the panorama what that awaits this tool to the good I want to think the second thing you mentioned that Apple is updating everything is the baseband to give a better user experience remember that ta Also, the 5g band is already entering what is 5g in the new some new iPhones so I want to think that it is to provide a better user experience to provide better user security that we remember as I have mentioned it other times in the podcasts here and in the podcast of crazy about jailbreak ios sells sells security obviously they constantly have to be updating everything that is the operating system everything that is the security issue because because it would not look good as a company if a leak is something that was insecure or leakage of some personal data of the users if they were to filter as a company because it would not look good to Paul it is as if in some restaurant of the chain that you want you can find some animal not a creeping animal or some food spoils is exactly the same then I want to think that they are constantly doing those updates and that their main objective is not so much to remove the tool as such because if it had been like that or if that had been the case I think they would have already done it for a long time because they have the monetary resource and they also have the contacts to say let’s see, I don’t want there to continue to be more jailbreak that we can do about it and from When I had done it, I think then I think that it is a matter of updating, I think that in the future the hackers, the people who are dedicated to doing all this scouting as they say in English, for what is true, restore will be finding the needle.

In the haystack, not as they have always done, this is a panorama that was based, it is already a circle, it is a circle with a circle, there are seasons of the year for each season of the year, there are certain things that happen and exactly the same thing will happen, I do not think that In the future, the news will be released that the restore effect will be compatible, we hope that if I have mentioned this part for a while, like you, this cycle that repeats itself every year, remember when it is We were on ios 11 and ios 12 appeared and apple changed the sep and the baseband then appeared there I expressed and apple changed the sepia of the bei mar and the same there is no stress in the idea 14 na I the 15 it was already and do very strange that Paul kept the same servivation from there so it was something that we expected and that can be discouraging for people who are getting impatient because it is approaching this date of October 21 true when it was said that this chain is going to be released of vulnerabilities that allow being carried out in jailbreak untethered from there where people maybe to see you in you ‘version of there are times you are on your device from point 3 14 33 now and if a kettle comes out at 14 51 and you cannot occupy guiding filter to go up to 14 51 do you think it will be very terrible to stay in 14.

3 column before no no no I think that no version with region if I’m wrong and no version of distractors in this way supports me parties than that photo someone else boom that fell That we were surprised because Paul regularly leaves the latest version for some for some time for some devices but unfortunately good right now I think he is already signing one and even so I do not think that it is such an old version has its pros and cons Depending on what you have, for example, I have an alert that I have not been able to use because it is May 14 3 but look for alternatives that I already mentioned in the other podcast but it does not vary so terrible in fact michelle break is quite stable it should be to have or would have gone I would have to have more reasons enough to change as the fact that maybe a store filter was compatible an ether cradle herb does not make me so much noise ozawa no longer attracts me so much we already know that with the certificates practically without these diary we walk exactly then I think it is a boom more for people who are new that I did not know it that I never used it but for one that already I use it that I already experienced it, it is like that I already keep the jailbreak of it is that 3.

3 although I have it even if it turns off and I have to do it again it does not matter but I am calm ok but I think that in the end the store frying tool will be able to update I still remember what happened last year until the 11 iphone 810 and then they were with the 12 and the 13 there was no confirmation then there were people who dared to use a 13 as a test device or a 14 today and at the end of the account they are going to solve it they are going to be taking it out I think that the issue of the cpi the baseband may be correcting unless apple has done something that to this day we have not yet been aware but at least the people who are dedicated to updating this tool are the first reports that we have that things are not going as comfortable as we would like but it was expected compared to how it has happened in previous years and some update could It could be happening that I could be solving all this so I would have to be there waiting for nothing else I personally if I want to go up to 14 51 if I want to have the untethered back apart I do not know how often for this phone I personally do not I do it is not really necessary yoga but we have been shown by the ios devices they have shown us that although the phone lasts I turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week it does not influence its operation unlike others So the question is so necessary, it is so necessary, it would be to turn it off.

I think it is not the issue of turning off the device and turning it on. I think it can be due to two situations: the first one was discharged, it was enough for us to plug it in, the battery was gone and the second is that there is also a part that is necessary for the applications as the system restarts it starts to load clean everything again but if I want to be testing I followed the break at least I have I feel like doing it and it turns out that it will depend on the filter, this is whether or not it will be available for those days to go up to 14 51 but hey we will have a jailbreak for all the people who time a kinect and 14.

4 14 41 14 42 14.5 and 14 51 are five versions of ios, many people have been waiting for those versions in particular, so let’s see what happens with this tool, a tool that some still continue to remove, I think that if someone says no no I am not afraid to occupy the guiding filter if the tutorials are there so that you can see how you will be using if you are afraid of how to make the guiding fruit for me alan it is more difficult to do the jailbreak developer certificate buy it sign place it happen for me that is for me It seems more difficult for me it is more difficult it is not to bring to the sector I find it more difficult astorqui future store more difficult 6 blond I am to place it sign your strap that has your email I say it has a double authentication factor n that the other developer contacted her, she mentioned the rector dragging ssh placing the writing code with what you mentioned right now is easier because for the same reason that you mentioned dragging into the file dragging shs h connect it give it inter let us think because I think that At the beginning you remind us around there I uploaded a tutorial to my channel in which the whole script had to be put in full a script that by the way was made in the company of shark that we uploaded directly to kid hop yes it was more complicated country is much more simple it was simplified with all that are the files of opa 33 34 and dragging ready let’s go you see everything go you do not need to install many many things or whatever this device is not your life I is 13,855 letters aja 3.

5 and 3.5 to 14.3 By writing resistor then until now without problem and my biggest fear was that maybe he could be left incommunicado or as you say that he would become an aitor not the first time you use it afterwards no longer p Hate to stop, so your head explodes once you get it I remember first I did a tutorial for linux then great then for mac and it worked again and now for windows as I did it three times in a week and I want to be convinced that it is An option that people have to be yes or yes at least investigating, documenting themselves a little last, watching the videos comparing with different tutorials and seeing how the step by step is like because without a doubt it is a tool that everyone has to be there using but we go to which what happens trees or these changes with it is 15 made in sepia the baseband so it is but it is also other changes a change that this week we had a sad confirmation it is said that if any system file was modified either to Through the jailbreak in ios 15 the device was not going to turn on any more, it was practically going to be in an eternal df there is also talk of people committing sandbox steaks they were saying that the way to be removing it was with some programming cable that cost almost 500 dollars or more some is too expensive to be reviving the team and they invited people to nobody squat the break of that crime for now on it on the 15th if not just wait for an update and an update indirectly came from one of the members of this team that amy bishop who said that finally what was feared that if a part of the system is modified or does not turn on and that applies both to the break the rain as for the future versions that we can be waiting and longing for alcover or the one that I am going to be taking out the taurine team at that time I think that as I said at the beginning up, year after year is adding to this way of mitigating being blocking increasing the security of your system but I think that before we had not come across one like this before we are used to not making a kind of break until 11 a paul implemented the pack that is the byp ass to the pack then as previously had to be boiled with tea fp 0 now can do with the formation do without him then but Apple said if I changed the system will turn it off you crazy I turn it off I’ll lay you what I leave like a brick so that is where one says it is different from all the measures that have been implemented in the past whenever these things appear for me inevitably to start in brandon until this young man who worked for the project zero julia for it He really took a genius to that topic.

He had to take it away. I absolutely agree. I also work with apple very often, but on the other hand, the community, as they generate these effects for us, after almost more than a year that he went to work with apple.

and I think that obviously he is behind all this but imagine that you jailbreak me and it turned me off I like it at this level it modifies me and it turned me off then what do you want to believe that this form is safe here Dad who implemented steam is one more than we will be able to eliminate and maybe in February or sooner or later we will still have a jailbreak in ios 15 or do you think I am not going to say that the break is dead I already said here once I had to ask, I found out and I learned my lesson, there was no longer she called it last in that sense but I don’t know whether to say that the book is dead but the best thing that we will not always have is that in a long time a good secret based on that tweet that you mention about amy bishop regarding what they mention or what to say is the phone that is useless that for now they are not occupying it I think so if there is going to be a jailbreak but I think it may take longer perhaps unfortunately I say one when you have use you turn back those of different agreements when a version is released in the versions of ios 678 a version of keys comes out and that same day we had jailbreak home there will be golden times no and right now we are doing this more and more making longer over time I consider or I believe that yes there will be a jailbreak that there will continue to be jailbreak but that if it is obviously more and more time consuming because they are implementing security measures, the aforementioned is true, I also agree on the fact that to go through there brandon is behind that and obviously I say go they did not recruit him because if it is like ok we go back to the example of the team that we saw in his last podcast no you have a soccer team you need a striker you need goals he will put He is a striker for you, so if he wants to for security, the contracts are hacker, not to see tell me when the vulnerabilities are, period and that is that is the result of that hiring that was done a year ago now what is going to happen can you wait because like this Like brandon, there are new ones that have come out who are very talented, there are people who have been growing a lot in the jailbreak community and I do not doubt that in the future we will have great news Of them the question is that wait and time but I am not going to say that he is dead and I told you that I had learned my lesson but I also had never seen before a protection of this type of support that is to me and the prsc and I got down and nothing to stop being or let me discharge my battery and then nothing has died a cype technical service is not going to arrive what you did with this device is what kind of blockages to paul is it going to be I just don’t want to, I think it will take more time, I hope they find a way at least and there are my sayings in their conversation, I also added that there are certain strategies to be achieving it but obviously they are headaches that they do not want to be having.

That’s why and we’re going to see what ends up happening after all with this, one of the questions I ask myself is that one day people are going to learn and no, the highest version is not going to go to the classroom.

lower I know there are times that the device is damaged is fine they sold you a device they passed it to you formatted it is fine but there are some who do not because they do not block automatic updates that get anxious impatient for some emoji that are not worth anything but with some letters that can be worth it but It will be that this next year people are going to learn the story after the sad story every year it is like that and that is, people do not read to begin with it is from the main problem not to read is impatient and unfortunately they want everything now and easy that is The problem I think we are going to continue having the same problem every year all the time we are going to as long as this continues to exist, unfortunately it is that they get excited at the moment, that is, they do not think with their heads now but they tear the emotion of saying I want to try the new emoji and I already want this one to match [__] and no no they don’t think about more for example what I did can match [__] with a phone of my family member point when I can eda go up I’m going to change for my device what would have happened if I had despaired right now I was also not always waiting maybe even when good strikers would possibly be one of the options but it draws my attention to the things you said and is that people wanted everything easy and I wanted it good there is a possibility of having a jailbreak a type of and the reggina I is 15 which is this famous ruthless that does not come to modify the system partition as the disk was called me but it would be everything from the disk from where They are all the user space then but one of the ways that we had in the past to occupy this jailbreak was not easy at all and you did it on a tray I remember you did it in boils you can tell a little what it meant after doing the jailbreak like It was the issue of the installation of the tweets.

Well, I remember that at that time Marciano had some drive folders, I don’t know if you remember them in the ones that give google chips where They were putting to see training badges and it works or partially works or does not work in which version because at this time it also had other folders where they had the zip files as they should then by then because it was not known or it had been tested I do not remember if maybe it had that function, you can’t install a punto package directly from filter and you had to extract the folder or rather the punto file without that dot file it always had many files inside you had to search for all the files in the preferred loader of rock del rey the book mobile his thirty great greivis were three and there are some that were two just we had to go to the folder of your device copy it and paste it sometimes had to modify the data file on the stick and sticky in the permission of the micro You had to give it permission to start and wait for it to work and wait until after the south reboot, the changes in the code take effect.

Other then you tell me about another they nail to mine the files and if more files were made look for those files also to eliminate the white electric when one is installing in Syria where it flew that it occupies one had to do it manually copy paste of total covered with fence exactly exactly and well if it was something tedious and to say that it is complicated because it really is complicated at the beginning maybe but already later with the practice already in the third quarter you and me what is something tedious because copying and pasting restarting hoping that they are only deleting changes If it is something tedious but active in the end, for example, if you are a person who likes jailbreak and I was already satisfied, not me, that you have to achieve the goal of modifying certain things on my device, then nothing happens and if in ios 15 that would be the only option of a ruck them jailbreak that would have to integrate everything manually although there is still the possibility that it could be occupied or silió and other package sectors I remember that james who is the one who developed root told them what to implement if it gave a headache that did not rule out the rest of the managers but it was not a matter that he did not want to do it but it was with requests or shifts tedious anxiety the installation of tweets has to be implemented if some kind of jailbreak of that style of that style would be but if there was no other way and we did not have a package manager there would not be a silo an installed zebra and there is that balance x You would abandon yours is 14.

3 for uploading and possibly yes because well one now and experience what it is to do the process that way and two prefer to have a more recent version of the year is with jailbreak even if it is that way they write down the jailbreak an inaccurate point and I absolutely agree I say they speak from my computer very well I too I leave my 14.

3 chaos I go up obviously that having the day off than the highest version and it is tedious yes but you get used to it and finally When you live that I remember that what you mention all this about the groups that I want files that had Martian from there was born a group of Martians that I am still involved with, people who test tweets and create among all those files we were not updating, we had to patching some of them I remember that there was the indication through the computer or with the mac you had to be making certain changes and well in the end it was achieved and then when another appeared and the 12-1 you know how it works you gain experience that incredible this emergency that you gain the power to help others the knowledge that you are acquiring and the taste is increasingly catching on him this is what it means to get him out of jail people said he felt like a hacker was not the package manager doing it by miguela myself the one who installed all the changes now seeing how they continue to apply so and when it worked for you and but on edge and shot this twist works and being of compatible twist and the nice thing was that I don’t feel like the word is there, the nice thing was that there were many people around the world sharing their lists and making these spreadsheets sharing the information another environment that was lived and that allows us to unite also in this way continue as it may in summary we could say that we are going to have a whenever no one is 15 it will take, hopefully not so long we hope to be wrong and that they find something or that someone appears that no one expected and that may be surprising us in the meantime what advice would you give I would give all the people who are in a year is 15 that they can no longer go down to that of 14 because they stopped signing 14 points what having joel 14 I would say that from there but what they are in May is 15 that I would tell them is your rod ok it’s going to be a piece of advice something is somewhat hard there but hey I hope you do not take it wrong do not ask questions if you are not willing to follow recommendations 1 and 2 the advice of always waiting for maturation In the lowest version it will always be the best and three last and simple be patient otherwise withdraw from this is not the point for you since good that someone else said it and I did not say it I could also say it but I prefer that have the other from the mouth of another person for the day see it was not I am not the one who started only in this way I am of what impatient that is I would stop seeing content simply what the guest some people if you he knows how to cope or he subscribes they do not stop watching the content for a while and then they return in agreement because some of those sciences go crazy and go up is that this is like going to a team not an American football team for example when the American Since their whole lives they are the pittsburgh steelers there are good times there are bad times he has to be willing to accept that not right now the team is doing badly and well that is not why I am going to withdraw from going to them and he declared that one always pre has they simply have to be like that and at some point that moment of life is going to come, it is not that you finally say champions and we are going to live that experience in this case I would translate it as although I already managed to jailbreak but I already went patient and follow the advice I have already been in the lowest version I already listened but what happens sometimes there are people who say hey what advice I would give is that I have a year it is 14 o’clock 3 with a jailbreak this dubai is 15 a month but stay With Herbert, hey, you grow up to them, 15 is to generate and he asks me, was it clear, click on that is the question, then, guys, that is, just be very patient, really, I think Juan Antonio, we are crazy about the jailbreak, Jonathan Omar, everyone.

the youtubers that exist are never going to give you false information they are always going to tell you things as they are, so trust that you don’t just have to wait, the cool thing about all this is those people who have been waiting and when the haha ​​comes out Ilbreak, that is, that joy of feeling and saying thank goodness that goes up to them today is all my respect, my admiration and enjoy it and take out your bucket now, the senior and you know him, so let’s see how all this develops during this time So Alan and another and thank you again for accepting the invitation I had a great time so we are saying goodbye to something you want to say to conclude for inviting me again it is always a pleasure to come to the channel to talk with you and greet your audience and also mention that good on the channel his own will leave it there in the description of the video, go and follow me right now as I was saying I’m not uploading videos soon I’ll be uploading so activate the bell so that those are aware and on Saturdays we have a podcast crazy about the jailbreak which I want it already belonged to sometime after the founders but if not like everyone in the motorcycle club sniper six so pu eden the first six that I am then we talk the same about topics of the week news recommendations out there you can interact with us leave your questions even participate and then nothing follow me on twitter and this is good then we would be seeing if God allows it tomorrow with another video says goodbye to grande de mexico and juan antonio pérez himself from chile that everything is fine


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