PgSharp Fly Conexão?


Hey guys I posted this APK here and there are people who are facing problems in regarding the active modules I will show you here how it goes work to and let’s see here, can you see the top? I’m not white means I’m not activated right if it will have to stay doing it here opening and closing opened the guard look here stated all the white high heels didn’t stay come out and go again oh, until you get in, understand it’s the third time i’m doing this you have to do it to be able activate the right key if you want connect your account and leave enter fruit mode and no problem you can do it later just do the process that I’m doing here and there active are you seeing captivated look activated beauty is this is what I have to show that’s it, let’s go talk with a lot of questions on the telegram because it’s hard to answer everyone there it was


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