PGSHARP НЕ РАБОТАЕТ – Что делать? Ответы на вопросы [Pokemon GO]


starting from yesterday, people who play with a joystick, namely, with charm, began to panic because they stopped coming in and think that they will be banned there and what else they started to raise panic in short, and in this video I will explain why you do not come in through breathing at the height of the sentry such here’s a picture and of course it’s worth it to be afraid, you hope to be useful in the market and the most important thing is interesting if this is so, then do not bring support from activity in the form of likes and comments under the video with your opinion about this event and be sure to subscribe to the channel with these as simple as possible if you are very greatly helps the development of the channel for which thank you very much and also help me do something much better and much faster welcome and wish you a pleasant viewing and and we will start with the fact that this problem is only for those people who play free 2 sharps, that is and it pays nothing, of course, these servers are overloaded as much as possible and they are terrible free to be honest, too.

they shuffled, but they were repaired at a fast pace, that is, they are already working at the moment now I turned off the paid version I have a free version and I have a feeling that they will remove the free version and let me show you first I’ll try to log in to my account here look I led my data from facebook on the free version while sharp I press continue and check here chicago hour why do I understand how much the last time I got it now I don’t know it will appear this time or not but no no yes it just appears for everyone the fact that the servers are overloaded the last time I got something like that I first activate the subscription and then I had to go in with the Obama trainer, so let’s try now, because you still need to show it to you because without this I can’t go to the trainer club now too our data in mind and we will try again in general, look, I entered the data and now we are waiting for this inscription because the last time, for example, a cube I had it I now I will not I will be due like what is it and by the way about these plates, you don’t need to be afraid of them because this is a usual notification by g-sharp, but about the fact that free servers are overloaded and somehow wait or don’t wait, but there is no point in waiting because I waited 30 minutes for the amount and in the end, the threads of which are the same and now let me show you how it will come to me from a paid pg sharp, but here I kept data for a paid sharp while I connected the code already and look now it will calmly log in and how I sat down it just crashed the servers on at the moment, by the way, the key cannot be bought, at least at the time of shooting the video, the key could not be bought because they removed this opportunity, I do not know why, and so far only those people who have a paid entrance can enter to play while sharp and other people will have to wait and I think during this week they will definitely fix this case 83 so from a paid one I calmly went in and no matter how I even felt any problems now my card will be loaded and I can still safely continue press play as I played, that is, for now, we are waiting for the server to recover and we have no way on you and guys do not panic the most important thing is panic because many write a typical repayment does not work broke there is banned nothing is broken nothing is banned ok broke but its times are almost this is the most important thing, but when it is repaired, I will inform you exactly on the VKontakte public with a post because I will not make a separate video on the fact that they have Sharp 4 so far, so the link on Pavel will be a description, follow the news and I think you can end the video because I will explain to you why it does not work when it starts working and who does not know at all, but I think this week it will definitely start working and I hope the video was useful the most important thing is interesting and if it was so who would not be too lazy and maintain stability in the form of a like or comment under the video with her opinion of this event in quotes, which just went through all the servers and g-sharp and new ones and they slowly recover and get up with knees and, of course, subscribe to the channel because I have daily clazzi videos on pokemon go and not just videos about useful ones, this is decreasing see you next video I take you


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