Noodle soup with fish cakes (Eomuk-guksu: 어묵국수)

Noodle soup with fish cakes (Eomuk-guksu: 어묵국수)

(chopping) (bright music) Hi, everybody. Today’s recipe is a one-bowl meal. Yay! I know you guys are so excited about one-bowl meals. I’m making noodle soup. Noodle soup in Korean, is guksu. Guksu is very easy to make, and also very good food to share with so many people.

Traditionally, we serve this in many, many important and special occasions, such as weddings or birthdays. The noodles are long, they symbolize a long life. So we wish you a long life. I’m going to add fish cake, too.

So today’s recipe is eomuk-guksu, fish cake noodle soup. Have you made my homemade fish cake recipe? This is super popular, millions of people watched the video, and you can make it, but today I’m going to make this with store-bought fish cake.

Easy (laughs). I always start with making good stock. Today, I’m going to make anchovy kelp stock. Why? It’s my favorite. How about vegetarians? Use vegetable stock. Also, instead of fish cake, think about it.

You just let me know what kind of thing can replace fish cake. I’m sure that you know better than me. For 2 servings, I need delicious 8 cups of stock, but it takes time, so I already pre-made it. This guy’s 8 cups.

This is around 4 to 5 cups. And also, I’m going to show you how to make it. First, anchovies, 20 anchovies, dried anchovies, around 2 inches, 2 or 2 1/2 inches long. I already cleaned all these. Only 1 left to show you.

Cut off. Press it down. And there is some black stuff, these are guts, so remove these. These are 20 anchovies. Next, this is dried kelp. Dried kelp (crackling). For the exact ratio amount, check out the recipe.

So this is large dae-pa, green onion. Medium-size onion. (thudding) Just slice. This is radish, Korean radish. This is 1 pound. I’m going to slice this and add. That’s it. (thudding) There it is. Add 18 cups of water.

And after cooking, and you will get 12 or 13 cups of stock Okay. I will cook this here, over medium high heat. I’m going to cook for 30 minutes. 30 minutes after, it’ll be boiling. And then I will turn down the heat to medium low.

But I don’t have to worry about that. I already made this. These are 8 cups of stock for 2 servings, actually more than 2 servings. It’s a lot, but I like to make a generous amount. 8 cups. Look at this color, beautiful, golden color, so tasty.

I am adding 1 teaspoon soy sauce, and 1 teaspoon salt. (clanking) These are the noodles I’m going to use. For noodles, you can use somyeon, but this is a little thicker than somyeon. I need eight ounces for 2 servings.

This time, I’m going to use this kind of fish cake. Fold this lengthwise. Let’s heat up the stock. And then, whenever I make this, I need to make a seasoning sauce. Seasoning sauce on top, just eat it together.

That’s definitely something I need to add. So, 1/4 cup soy sauce, 2 teaspoons gochu-garu, Korean hot pepper flakes, and then 3 green onions. (thudding) I will add 1 garlic clove, and also for this, green chili pepper, large green chili pepper.

If you want to make a non-spicy version, just skip all this pepper, green chili pepper and hot pepper flakes. But this is my favorite way to make a seasoning sauce. (thudding) And let’s add here. And green chili pepper.

(thudding) And then 1 tablespoon sesame oil, sesame seeds, and mix. It smells so good! This boiled for 30 minutes already. I’m going to turn down the heat to medium low. I just rearranged this to make me work comfortably.

I’m going to cook over medium high heat around 5 or 6 minutes, until…(you can check out) the fish cakes are very soft and expand. Then we are ready to serve. Meanwhile, my water is boiling. Let’s add these noodles.

Boiling noodles is the last step. Why? Because noodles are go soggy easily. (alarm rings) So I cooked 3 minutes and the noodles are floating. So let’s check out the noodles. And let’s taste this. Mm. Nice.

It’s well-cooked. I’m going to rinse this in cold water. I use only 1 side dish, kimchi, young radish kimchi (yeolmu kimchi). Wow, getting bigger, isn’t it? Then first, I like to have this. Look at that.

If you like to make it hot, make this hot, change it with hot broth. Like this. Like this. Yangnyeom-jang I always need a seasoning sauce. And so, this is the noodle soup that I’m always eating, Eomuk-guksu.

Take off. Let’s eat. (slurping) My stock is boiling over. Just turn down the heat. Fish cake. I usually drink like this. Oh my, oh my, good. This anchovy kelp stock is amazing. So good and savory. And noodles are kind of soft and a little chewy.

Fish cakes are very delicious. They’re very tender, and expand a little. I love the texture. Today, we made Eomuk-guksu, fish cake noodle soup. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time! Bye! (bright music)