How To Get ,Install Fortnite on iOS /Android – EASY! (NO JAILBREAK) (iPhone, iPad, iPod)


Have a good day guys. This is Mark here. I was able to get Fortnite mobile once again on my Android and iOS devices even though it’s been banned in the app store and play store. Follow me throughout the video and I’ll guarantee you that you’ll be able to play Fortnite mobile once again but make sure u like the video and subscribe.

So guys as you can see this is a ported version of Fortnite and it is running great and the controls are smooth. So I’ll open and show you the game on my iPhone. Let us delete Fortnite mobile from my phone now.

Let us see the complete procedure to install Fortnite on mobile. Follow the upcoming steps carefully guys. Now you can skip this upcoming single step for android devices but follow the next steps carefully.

So what u wanna do is first open up settings in your iOS device. Once you’re on the general pane go to background app refresh and turn it on. You’ll also want to turn off low power mode if it’s enabled.

So guys now you want to open up safari or chrome and enter the exact web address as I type in the search bar. So the website is I mod The site has some great apps for you to install. Now you’ll have to navigate to Fortnite mobile and tap next to it.

Now you’ll be presented with a menu. You must tap on download now. It will take some time for downloading the source files and installing them on your device. So basically I have to install 2 apps from the Appstore or play store and follow the instructions.

In my case it tells me to install the app and keep it open for 30 seconds. So guys this is basically a web clip or port of the game developed by the developer. I’m done installing the first app. I’m done installing the second app.

Get ready to play the legendary battle royale right now. As you can see as soon as I follow the instructions on the site, Fortnite Mobile profile is automatically installed on my device. To install the profile you’ll have to open up settings.

Then navigate to the general pane and go to profiles. Click on next twice and install the profile as simple as that sounds. That’s it the game’s been installed. Now I’ll have some fun playing Fortnite Mobile on my phone.

Thank you guys and should you have some queries let me know in the comment section. Thank you.


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