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I am going to share with you an earning website where we can earn money for free. What am I talking about? Without further ado, let’s get started. So Classmates, the earning website we are going to use in this process is XM.

If you can still remember, Classmates. We have already done a video about this before. I have shown you in that video how to get our free $30. Now, I will show you how can we earn up to $500 which is given by XM for free.

Classmates, that is only limited for this month. For September only. Stay tuned Classmates, I will teach the step-by-step process here. By the way, Classmates, before we start, To those who are not aware XM is one of the trusted online trading platforms where we can trade stocks, forex, commodities, and more, Now, they are giving away a 100% bonus up to $500 or ₱25,000.

00. For us to receive that bonus, the first thing to do is create an account in XM. To open an account, you may check the video of Moneytech PH because he has explained in detail. and the step-by-step process of how can we create or open an account on XM.

For you to access the video easily, I have placed the link in the description box below. Just check that out. Classmates, please take note of providing a valid ID and proof of residence to open an account.

It is like verifying an account with Gcash. After creating and verifying our account, We will be re-routed here. Classmates, you will see under the promotions, “100% Deposit Bonus”. We can get up to $500.

This bonus is for the new and existing clients of XM. This means you can still qualify to receive a bonus even if you have an existing account already. This promotion started last September 1 and will last up to September 30.

It is better to grab this opportunity because it will serve as our extra income here. We can receive the bonus instantly upon making a deposit. For example, Classmates, we have deposited $500, and 100% of that is also $500.

Technically, our money doubled. To proceed tap “Claim Your Bonus”. Then login. Make sure that you have already registered here. After logging in, we will be re-routed to the dashboard of XM. Then let’s go on the lower portion by scrolling down.

You will see “My Bonuses”. You will see a 100% Bonus under that. The next thing to do is tap Deposit. Dee-pow-sit? [laughs] Let’s just tap Deposit. Tap that one. We can use lots of options to deposit.

They have here credit or debit card, Online Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Web Money, Perfect Money, and Sticpay. We have a lot of options to make a deposit. We can also make a deposit via Gcash. Choose Online Bank Transfer if we will use Gcash.

Tap that one. We will be re-routed here. You will see from here our Account ID, Account Name, Currency, an of course the Conversion Rate. because the currency we will use to deposit is PHP and will automatically be converted to USD.

This will be the rate of conversion. In the bank name list, you will notice most are Major Banks and Gcash is not included. But don’t worry because our endpoint is DragonPay. It means whatever Bank Name we choose is allowed What important is that you put the right amount.

Let’s put the amount here. That will automatically convert to USD. After filling up the information, tap the check box. The one with ” I declare… etc.. etc..” So there… After that, tap Deposit. Let’s just confirm that by tapping the Confirm button.

and we will be re-routed to DragonPay. We will choose from here the payment option we will use There’s Online Banking. Over-the-Counter, and of course, we have here Gcash. After choosing the payment option, tap the check box.

which says “I agree to the terms and conditions…”. After that tap Select. Then we will be re-routed here. We will just provide our Gcash mobile number. There’s nothing to worry about in providing our Gcash information with DragonPay.

Because this is a legit payment gateway. This is also used by Shopee and Lazada whenever we will pay via Gcash. After providing our mobile number we will be asked for an OTP. We will be re-routed and will be asked to provide our MPIN.

Then tap next. After that, we will be re-routed here. Make sure that you have available funds in your Gcash before you proceed. If you have available funds tap Pay ₱1,500 below. It says here “Succesful deposit request.

” Let’s return Home. You will see it on the Overview of My Accounts. We have $30 in our Balance. That is the ₱1,500 we have deposited. Which is equivalent to $30. On the Credit, you will see we have $60.

The $30 from the $60 is the bonus we get upon registration. And the other $30 is the 100% bonus from the deposit we have made. The total amount of money in our account is $90 or ₱4,500.00. That’s cool, right? Another thing, Classmates, you will also notice in “My Bonuses” In the 100% bonus We still have the remaining $470 to claim.

This means that we can still make a deposit of up to $470 to get our bonus. We can claim the remaining amount of the bonus until September 30 by just repeating the process. How can we withdraw the money? We need to trade the bonus given by XM.

We can withdraw the earnings by the time we already have earned revenue from trading it. For example, we have deposited $500. And we have received a $500 bonus. That is what we can use to trade. By the time you have received revenue from it, let’s say $300 That is the amount we can withdraw to our bank account.

The amount we have deposited can be withdrawn anytime, EXCEPT for the BONUS. If we have already made revenue from here or we want to withdraw the deposit we have made. Go to Withdrawals. The Withdrawal Options are the same as the Deposit Options.

I will choose Online Bank Transfer, just tap that one. We will just need to fill up the details, Bank Name Bank Account Number and also, the Withdrawal Amount. The amount we want to withdraw from XM. If you are already sure with the details, Tap the check box and after that tap REQUEST.

Classmates, it is already successful and it will be processed within 24 hours. By the way, Classmates, once we have withdrawn, the portion of the bonus amount will be deducted. For example, we have withdrawn 50% of our balance, the total credit bonus we have received will also be deducted by 50%.

I will just flash on the screen the proof that I have already received the withdrawal from XM. If you have questions regarding the platform, they have customer service available 24 hours every weekday.

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I think that’s it, Classmates. Hope you like this video, and please share this video to help others on how to earn money online. Goodbye for now! See you on my next video.


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