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Debunking Exploding Egg Hacks & blowtorching chocolate | Ann Reardon

Debunking Exploding Egg Hacks & blowtorching chocolate  | Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and debunking has continued to be at the top of the request list so I have a packed episode for you this week including exploding eggs and why don’t Flakes melt in the microwave? So many other things in there too.

Let’s start with this one sent to me on Twitter by Leels thank you for that. He linked me to an article about Abby Quinan who is a dancer actor model and she put this post on her social media.

It says we so desperately wanted to share daily vlogs with you but unfortunately I’ve had an accident whilst we’re attempting to create a glass bottle into a vase from following a Youtube tutorial it went terribly wrong and resulted in me incurring injuries and burns requiring continuous hospital treatment over the past seven weeks! I really need you all to be so careful with what you’re doing and if you’re copying any youtube videos.

Abby i hope you’re doing okay burns are awful as you know and anyone who’s had burns no they’re painful they have a long recovery time so anything that has the inherent danger of causing burns or potentially causing burns is not a good thing.

So I want to look at today is this particular glass bottle hack inherently dangerous or was this just an unfortunate accident? So there are so many videos about this hack they’ve been around for more than 10 years they’ve been on the platform for a long time so typically what it shows in all these videos is someone wrapping string around a bottle then taking that string off and dipping it in some sort of flammable liquid then putting the string back on the bottle lighting up the string so heating up that area of the glass and then suddenly dropping it into some cold water which makes the glass crack along that heat line or the stress line in the glass.

Sounds simple even Crazy Russian Hacker has done this one but out of all of the videos i watched he’s the only one who wore safety gloves safety goggles and had a fire extinguisher on hand which is probably because his motto is “safety is number one priority.

” It looks simple enough so I’m going to give the hack a go and see what happens as well as a fire extinguisher I’m going to have a wet cotton tea towel on hand that can be thrown over any flames just in case.

I’ve got my bottle tied with string around it so I’m going to take that off and soak it in isopropyl alcohol some of the videos use this and other ones of them use 100% acetone. Take the soaked string and put it back onto the bottle.

The first thing I’m noticing here is while I’m trying to put this back on my hands are now covered in flammable liquid so I’m going to go and wash my hands and then put gloves on but if you’re watching this video you can see the lady put the string back onto the bottle doesn’t wash her hands but instead wipes them on her clothes then grabs the lighter .

.. that is going to greatly increase the chances of your clothing setting on fire. Now with these flammable liquids it’s not the liquid that catches fire but instead the fumes so by the time i wash my hands and put on heatproof gloves there are not enough fumes left to ignite so this hack kind of needs you to rush which is not ideal for fire safety.

I then tried a thicker string to give me a bit more time and it did burn but not for long enough to break the glass some of these videos say to wait until the flame dies down and then add more of the liquid onto the string, now if you’ve watched my previous videos you’ll know that you don’t want to do that because if there are any of the flames left when you pour more on it’ll chase the fumes up into the bottle causing the bottle to explode and then you’ve got flames everywhere! So then i tried with a liquid that is more flammable which i do not recommend that you do because obviously that is more dangerous.

Those are pretty decent sized flames now and you have to stand close to this to spin the bottle you can’t just put it down and walk away and at this point if you had any flammable liquid on your clothes the fumes from that could quite easily ignite.

Another thing to notice that you need a very big bucket it has to be bigger than the height of the bottle so you can put it in flat because if you tip that bottle as you try and put it in then the flames are going to come upright up onto your sleeve and the bottle still didn’t break oh my goodness.

Now i either have an unbreakable bottle or i need to stand there spinning these flames for longer so let’s give it another try i kept this one burning for a full minute which is a long time and then placed it in the water and success it broke the bottle but it actually broke it in two places probably because my string was so thick.

So obviously you can do this hack without getting burnt but should the video have some safety warnings on it yes it probably should but youtube doesn’t have any policies against dangerous hacks it has policies against dangerous pranks and including if you look at the details ones that have a risk of causing burns but there’s no such policy for hacks it perhaps there should be one that overrides over the top of this can cause severe burns please be careful.

On the same note I also was sent in another one by Michelle who sent me a disturbing article about a lady who had been burnt after following an online video that showed how to poach an egg in the microwave now obviously if you’re working with flames you’re expecting that you could get burnt because it’s fire but with a poached egg in the microwave .

.. water egg microwave you’re not expecting to get burnt. They’re pretty bad burns and again there are lots and lots and lots of videos on youtube showing how to poach an egg in the microwave just getting some water putting the egg in and then just microwaving it and taking it out and you’re done.

So what would cause an egg to explode in the microwave? Well if you’ve been looking on youtube for egg explosions which I’m sure all of you have searched for that you will know that a whole egg in its shell will explode in the microwave when you put it in there and a lot of people put the reasoning down to that if you’ve got the shell there so it’s going to build up steam inside that’s going to create pressure and that’s going to make the egg burst and pop.

But if you have a look at this one when I did it in my microwave you can see there are actually beads of water forming on the outside of the egg because the shell is porous it’s letting that out and my eggshell has cracked so if the reason it explodes is simply because of pressure in the shell this one should not explode right wrong! That definitely still exploded so it’s not just the shell so this is going to call for a lot more experiments.

Let’s start first with a whole hard-boiled egg so there is no shell on it and see what happens if we heat that up in the microwave… some websites say it is the yolk that is the problem it says that the water in the yolk gets superheated and then suddenly forms steam and makes it explode so let’s try just the egg yolk and see what that looks like in the microwave when we heat that up.

That explodes let’s try another one just for fun and that explodes too! So if it’s just the yolk we should be able to put the boiled white in there and nothing should happen so let’s try that.

.. whoa! that looks like it was shot. perhaps there was a tiny bit of yolk left on it though so let’s do some experiments with uncooked eggs so we can see what happens and I can make sure the yolk and the white are completely separate let’s see what happens first of all with an uncooked egg yolk.

let’s see that again in slow motion … now the problem here is not just that it makes a mess in your microwave and i have to keep cleaning my microwave every time i do this for you, the problem is what if you pulled it out of the microwave just before it gets to that point of exploding and then it explodes in your face! If it’s just the yolk let’s try it with just the white and see what happens it starts popping and spitting bits out before it’s even cooked and then eventually when it’s just starting to look cooked it explodes out of the bowl so it’s not just the yolk it’s the white as well.

Let’s see what happens if we add water to this situation so we’re going to poach our egg like they showed in the videos the egg is only just starting to look cooked it’s only been in for 55 seconds and when the egg explodes it is shooting that boiling water everywhere and that is causing burns more so than if you just had the egg exploding on you because there’s more of it so it’s even more dangerous than just cooking the egg on its own and the trouble is all microwaves are different in their wattage and their power amount so you can’t go oh well that one exploded at 50 this many seconds so therefore i’ll do it for less than that and it’ll be fine because your microwave might be different to my microwave so you can’t just go on what it’s at.

Microwaves are different to when you’re cooking an egg in a pan when you poach an egg in water in a pan the pan heats up then the water heats up and that cooks the egg when you do it in a microwave microwaves go straight through your container straight through the water they can go straight into the center of that egg and super heat it and egg heats up and the water goes everywhere so not the safest way to cook an egg there are some videos that say if you pierce the yolk it solves that problem.

I don’t think that’s going to work because we’ve already established it’s not just the yolk that’s exploding but let’s give it a go and see what happens i’ve poked three holes in this yolk using a knife so they’re big holes and after 51 seconds so to be on the safe side don’t microwave eggs cook them in the pan instead, apparently fried eggs can occasionally explode too the yolk of them but it is very very very rare compared to the number of times it happens in the microwave.

So no eggs in the microwave just to be safe. I was just fascinated by this next one that was sent in it just caught my imagination Please Cakes did a video which showed a Cadbury Flake not melting in the microwave now according to their ingredients and comparing that to normal cadbury milk chocolate they have the same ingredients and if we look at the nutritional composition it’s virtually identical so it’s chocolate why is it not melting so i had to try it for myself so let’s put some flake on a plate with some normal chocolate and put it in the microwave and see what happens.

One minute later and the flake is crumbly but not melted and the normal chocolate is liquidy how weird is that why don’t flakes melt in the microwave? Let’s try over a direct heat source instead on a hot pan the chocolate will melt fairly quickly as you can see here and the flake nothing it’s not melting it feels hot but it just doesn’t melt.

Let me try a blowtorch instead we can even burn this chocolate and set it on fire and it glows like a piece of burning wood but it’s not going to melt so why is that the case? Well according to the scottish sun they say the scientific reason a flake does not melt is that the blowtorch delivered too much energy when fragments of the flake fall onto the hands of a person eating the chocolate bar the small amount of heat energy in the hand will cause a phase transition from solid to liquid.

Now i understand what they’re saying there about a blowtorch is too hot and it’s just going to burn the chocolate but it should still melt the chocolate around it and i don’t think the person who gave this response has ever tried to melt a flake and realize that it just won’t melt but for the sake of science i’m going to put some Flake in my hand and some normal chocolate in my hand form a fist hold it there for five minutes and we’ll see what happens.

After five minutes the normal chocolate is soft it’s a bit like play-doh it’s melty and the flake is crumbly probably because i squashed it in my hand but it’s not melted it hasn’t changed into a liquid state at all, it is still just crumbly.

Now of course when you put the flake in your mouth it seems to melt in your mouth like normal chocolate but in your mouth you’ve got saliva and if you add a flake to hot water it also looks like it melts away but you’re adding water to it so when you’re adding something another liquid to it or more cocoa butter to it you can make it melt but in its current form it won’t melt it will get to the point of burning and it still won’t melt.

So i did a bit more digging around to find out why this is according to Science Focus they say although flake is made from milk chocolate the manufacturing process gives it a different arrangement of fat and cocoa solids so the melting fat isn’t able to lubricate the cocoa particles to the point where they will flow.

Well that doesn’t really give us any actionable information there it’s saying it’s the same stuff but in a slightly different form they’ve done something in the manufacturing. Cosmopolitan says the theory behind flake’s inability to melt is apparently because it’s made out of dehydrated milk chocolate which means it slowly hardens and the sugar burns and according to Buzzfeed they spoke to someone at cadbury and cadbury apparently said they do have a secret manufacturing process which is used when making flakes .

.. how we do it is a carefully guarded secret that is known only to a select few at Cadbury and a different spokesperson said the reason it’s difficult to melt is because for nearly a century we have deliberately controlled the final manufacturing process to ensure the folds of the bar crumble in the mouth.

Interesting and that’s it there’s no more information about it that’s all we’ve got to go on i love the idea that it’s a 100 year old closely guarded secret though that’s kind of like a challenge to the food scientist in medical can we figure this out so let’s see if we can figure out how to make flakes.

We’ll start with the first and only theory that was actionable there which is it’s dehydrated chocolate let’s melt some normal chocolate and spread it out really thinly and pop it in a slow oven just to get a little bit of liquid off it there’s not much liquid in chocolate anyway it’s fairly dry to start with and you get a chocolate that’s a bit more flaky but it doesn’t taste right it tastes more like your baked chocolate chips and the actual test that we need to know is doesn’t melt in the microwave so let’s put some of that in the microwave and have a look and it’s still melting in the microwave.

That is not their secret it’s not what they’re doing. One thing that i would like to try is when i was trying to melt the flake the texture of the flake reminded me of what seized chocolate looks like if you haven’t seen seized chocolate before it’s when you have normal chocolate and it’s melted and you add a little bit of water to it and then when you stir it up it seizes it goes sort of crumbly and a bit hard depending on how much water you add depends on how crumbly and how hard it gets.

obviously if you’re making a ganache or some sort of chocolate sauce you can just add more liquid to fix that and you’ll end up with a sauce but you can’t get it back to how the chocolate was before originally.

So let’s experiment with using seeds to chocolate now obviously i’m adding water and their ingredients don’t include water but their ingredients do include milk and milk is mainly made of water so you could just add a little bit of milk to the chocolate instead of using water and then you wouldn’t have to list anything different on the ingredient list.

Now if i take that chocolate and roll it out really really thin i’m pressing down as hard as i can between two pieces of baking paper to get it as thin as i can obviously they would have machinery that i don’t have but i’ll just do my best and then scrape it up and oh that’s looking pretty good so far.

If i just take all of those little bits and try and sort of square them off into a bar shape that’s not bad for a first attempt they look better depending on how thin i rolled the chocolate and slightly adjusting the amount of water up or down also affects the color and how crumbly it is.

Now i think this tastes like a flake we can get Dave to check. All right i need you to put a blindfold on … mm-hmm … I’m gonna give you something to taste but it will taste okay … sure okay so I should have learnt my lesson by now but uh how do I look? Good, okay the reason you’re blindfolded is I need you to try and identify what chocolate bar this is, if you reach out in front of you.

There we go. Okay is it one or know? I don’t know. Is it like turmeric and sardine? No no no it’s it’s a normal chocolate bar you at the shops. Okay… Hmmm it’s crumbly and um flaky … cadbury It’s like no other chocolate tastes like flake tastes .

.. it’s a flake! It is. Now for the real test does it melt in the microwave? The normal chocolate is liquid and the homemade flake… is crumbly! So you heard it here first I think we just solved the mystery the 100 year secret as to why flakes don’t melt in the microwave and why they crumble in your mouth, so now you can make your own flakes at home, easy! Now next i have a parcel that arrived in my letterbox and I’m a bit excited because I think I know what it is.

My publisher said they would send me an advanced copy of the book which is just a digital print it’s not the full proper print from the actual printing company so it won’t look quite as glossy as the book that you’ll get is but let’s have a look at the book .

.. look! My book, how exciting! Oh my goodness it’s actually in a book. Now of course i’ve seen all these pages before because i wrote them and i’ve seen them laid out on the computer but i haven’t seen it in a bound book that is very exciting how cool is that?! It’s a book with my name on it.

Very exciting i can’t wait for you to get your hands on a copy too, it’s very cool and if you have pre-ordered don’t forget to enter the competition to win the Furi knife sets for your chance to win that and also if you’re a patron and you’ve pre-ordered fill out the form to get your limited edition exclusive holographic signed book plate that you can stick in the front of the book and i’ve hand signed those it’s not printed the signature on they’re all hand signed individually for you guys.

This next video was sent in by Rose and she said this is actually insane. 5-Minute Crafts has a video saying if you get Coke and use it as a mouthwash you will whiten your teeth. So i sent a message to my friend who was a dentist and asked her what she thought of this and i’ll read you her response because it was quite detailed she says: Coke has a ph of 2.

2 and tooth whitening agents have a ph of 5.3 tooth enamel dissolves at 5.5 or less as Coke is so acidic it can dissolve the enamel and by physically dissolving the outer layer of the enamel it may appear to make teeth whiter initially because if you had stains on that outer layer of the enamel and you’ve now removed that it initially might look a little bit whiter but coke also contains caffeine and chromogens which can be deposited on the teeth as a stain and this may counteract the erosive physical stain removal effect.

If enough coke is consumed it will dissolve so much of your tooth enamel that the yellow color of the underlying dentine will be exposed and the teeth will appear yellower rather than whiter.

I happen to have some baby teeth on hand this baby tooth looks like it’s in good condition i’m going to put that into the glass and then fill that with coke i have another tooth and i’m going to put that in coke no sugar and for a control i have a glass of water with another tooth in that one and now we will wait overnight and see what happens.

Here is the tooth that’s been in the water here is the coke no sugar oh that’s a bit gross and the coke look at that brown tooth the water one looks great but both the coat ones are brown if i flip it over you can see the bit that was resting on the bottom of the glass it was protected and not exposed doesn’t look as bad as the rest of it.

I’m wondering if this will brush off or if it stains the tooth even after brushing and rinsing it’s not as bad but it’s still a definite shade of brown not a great method to use to whiten your teeth definitely don’t want to soak your teeth in coke.

Reminds me a bit of the experiment where you put an egg in vinegar i don’t know if you’ve seen that one i’ll do that for you putting a whole egg in its shell uncooked in a glass of vinegar and you leave it and over a couple of days the acid in the vinegar breaks down the eggshell so you get left just with the egg with that membrane around it there’s no shell left so it’s like a bouncy egg and to show to you this is not hard-boiled i will just pierce that for you and see we just have that little membrane that’s left there the egg and some of the vinegar that went through the membrane.

Thanks to everyone who sent me videos to debunk on twitter and thanks to my patrons for all your support don’t forget to fill out the form on Patreon to get yourself a signed holographic book plate to go in my cookbook when it arrives how exciting and if you liked this video don’t forget to let the algorithm know that you did by liking commenting subscribing sharing turning on notification bell all of that stuff you know what to do.

Make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday ❤️