Hi, but here, I have a trick so that all of my friends can appear on the homepage of other people’s accounts, how do you do it, friends, click on the share section here. Hello friends, back to my channel, OK, DVD, my friends, I will share another tutorial now.

Here I will share how to make your videos or even your or yours become FTP or when friends upload videos they can become MVPs on other people’s pages, the method is quite simple, eat before we continue for all new friends.

find this video or this channel do not forget to click the button subscribe below do not forget the bell activated so that every video I uploaded my friends can get for free hai hai Oh okay friends without lingering just us into the tutorial Well here’s friends, all of you who want the video to become FW or even appear on the homepage of other people’s accounts , so please watch this video, first of all, friends, you have to do it.

ukan is Eh I expect friends coming in diketok like this please follow this tutorial Okay we wait for O O O well okay the first friends should not are the first friends coming in on profile here well it compulsory yes then friends click the line above is in the upper corner, then here, my friends, I hope that your account is not on Freeport, so don’t fold it so that later when friends do automatic video uploads, your video can be found publicly because it is not used as an unrivet, so I suggest friends, don’t activate the account, just let it become a public account.

After that, for the second time, friends, you have to activate it, authorize this, friends, authorize ads, friends, you have to activate it. After that, friends, cancel here we are back then the next way is friends click on the menu find OK after it looks like this everything is yo video the epip and the trending ones, friends, it’s like this on your homepage , well, but here I have a trick so that all of your friends can appear on the homepage of other people’s accounts , how do you do it, friends.

Click on the share section here okay? here are some of the more trendy theft being transferred to your account Well first is trending now Ditok Then the second is Ayu Ting Ting police checked not please free my friends have nah nah here are trending now here we are going to use friends friends we will use Here the first thing we use here is that we use the features that are trending here we click on trending now on tiktok we click like this now here’s the video that’s trending tons like this 12 then this video is in the military too but here I recommend the limit for all my friends, at least three videos, friends, the effects are used, then set ah take it take 1st Here in the first video then move to the second video again like this friends take again his wife is also here now the stkp used Please take it too well then if for example these friends add another Estate friends clip in the third video like this, now take the results , friends like this, now this is the first way out of the three videos, then the second is here, friends, you can see here Ayu Ting Ting is being examined by our police, friends, the clip is below, then here are some the video that is being trained is also about Ayu Ting Ting then friends take the hashtag that is used in this soap opera, the results will take the hashtag Eh 2/3 hestek used trending videos here then later friends will paste it on your video when friends upload your Gito videos , friends, try this interview, don’t just do it once, okay, friends here, friends, please take advantage in trending here is the first month of the second and the third is the motto of the military here please take stqa friends at least one hestek are friends download of content that is a trend here friends have then later friends stick in your hashtag when friends want to upload a video Now after that I make sure your account will be able to FW friends but not that fast because here are also many rivals, friends, all of you who will compete with all of your friends to use the hashtag so I hope that friends also have to improve the quality of your videos then friends also remember to upload videos at 6.

00 right 07.00 because there everyone actively uses social media at night friends okay friends that’s the tips how to make videos friends all of that can be epip or even vending on tiktok watching The only see you in the next video and shake hands


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