Can I Make Better Penne Alla Vodka Than Gigi Hadid? • Tasty

Can I Make Better Penne Alla Vodka Than Gigi Hadid? • Tasty

– Hey guys, it’s Katie, and I have been seeing this Gigi Hadid spicy vodka pasta all over the internet, and it looks really, really good. So I wanna try it, but then I also wanna try to make my own vodka sauce and see whose is better.

I definitely am not gonna be Gigi at modeling or being cool. She’s awesome. But maybe I can beat her cooking. Guess who the blind taste tester is gonna be? (triumphant music) It’s Chris. – Hey, I love food and I love testing it.

– Are you ready to risk our marriage- – Yes. – When you choose? – Absolutely. – As long as you get pasta. – As long as I get pasta, I’m willing to lose everything. (both laugh) – Let’s get cookin’. We’ll first get started with Gigi’s recipe.

Hers calls for you to heat up a quarter cup of olive oil, which seems like a lot of oil, but I trust Gigi. Once that’s hot, you’ll add a quarter of a shallot, finely diced, and one clove of garlic, also finally diced.

You’ll cook that until the shallot is nice and tender. My kitchen already smells so good. This would definitely make a great date night dinner. Once your shallots are soft and translucent, she has you add a quarter cup of tomato paste, which is fairly traditional in a vodka sauce recipe.

She has you cook that until the tomato paste darkens and everything gets a little caramelized. Whoa, it’s looking so good. Now, it’s time to add one tablespoon of vodka. In her Instagram post, she actually excluded the vodka because she didn’t have any at home, so this part is definitely optional.

You wanna cook that vodka until it’s almost completely gone. You can see the steam coming into my camera. That’s the vodka evaporating. After that, she has you add a half a cup of heavy cream, and this is really what makes vodka sauce so luscious and delicious.

And I almost forgot the red pepper flakes. She has you add an entire teaspoon of red pepper flakes, which does seem like a lot, but she did call this a spicy vodka sauce. You’ll then stir that until it’s completely combined.

This sauce looks really creamy and rich. So far, I’m impressed. Once combined, she says to season with salt and pepper. She doesn’t say how much, so I’m just seasoning it to my taste. It’s definitely a thick sauce that is really going to coat the pasta nicely.

Next, you’ll remove the sauce from the heat while you cook your pasta. Traditionally, penne pasta is used with this kind of sauce, but Gigi uses half a pound of orechiette, which I actually really like and think will hold onto her sauce well.

Gigi also has you reserve a quarter cup of pasta water, which we’ll use in a moment to help loosen up the thick sauce. I promise I’m not throwing it down the sink. It is going into a colander. Once strained, you’ll add the pasta into the sauce with the reserved pasta water and one tablespoon of butter.

Gigi’s exact directions at this point is to stir until the sauce is saucy, and this is looking pretty saucy to me, and everything is coated very nicely. The last thing she has you add is a quarter cup of grated Parmesan and any additional salt and pepper if you need it.

So really, just season this to taste. This recipe is for two people, and she serves it garnished with more Parmesan cheese… love the cheese… and some chopped basil. And there you have it, Gigi’s spicy vodka sauce.

I’m impressed. Next, we’re gonna make mine. I cook my pasta before I start making my sauce because I’m not great at multitasking, and also, I won’t have to remove my sauce from the heat later on. For my recipe, I cooked half a pound of penne pasta.

I also reserved some pasta water for later on, just in case my sauce gets too thick. Now, it’s time to start on our actual sauce. I begin heating up a large saucepan over medium heat. Once hot, I add finely diced bacon.

Shh. This is my secret ingredient, and I’m hoping it’s just gonna give my sauce that edge it needs to win. I cook the bacon just until the edges start to crisp a little bit. And if your bacon isn’t particularly fatty, you can add a tablespoon of butter like I’m doing here.

And right now, it smells like Saturday morning in my house. Once the bacon is a little crispy, I add an entire shallot, finely diced, like Gigi, but just way more. I love the sweetness of a shallot and think it’s a really great choice for the sauce.

I’ll cook that for about three to four minutes until the shallots are tender and then add a half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes. I do this now, so it can bloom in the oil and ensure you get an even spice in every bite.

I also add four cloves of minced garlic, four. I love garlic. You can really never have enough. Like seriously, I love garlic. Once your garlic is fragrant and you can really smell it, add three tablespoons of vodka.

And just like Gigi, I’ll cook this until almost all of it evaporates. And what the vodka is doing is it’s deglazing the pan, and it’s adding a bit of a bite to our sauce. Next, I add fresh San Marzano tomatoes that I’ve run through a strainer.

I use these tomatoes instead of tomato paste because they’re super flavorful and just… I think they’re gonna brighten up this rich, creamy sauce. Tomato paste, on the other hand, has this very deep, bold flavor, which is great, but I think it can sometimes overwhelm a dish.

We’ll bring this to a simmer and cook until the sauce has thickened, and I can run my spoon along the bottom of the pan and it leaves a trail behind it. Next, I’ll add a half a cup of heavy cream, just like Gigi, and I’ll stir until incorporated.

But unlike Gigi’s, I will not be removing the pan from the heat. Instead, I’ll let it cook on a low simmer for about five minutes until it’s thickened up a bit. Then finally, I’ll add in the penne with a little bit of butter.

And because my sauce isn’t too thick, I won’t be using any of the reserved pasta water. We’ll turn off the heat and add a half-a-cup mixture of grated Parmesan and Romano cheese. I find Romano to be a little tangier than Parmesan, so it just adds some more depth of flavor to the sauce.

For garnish, I go big, and I like to serve with some torn burrata, a little olive oil, and some freshly ground pepper. And to balance the dish, we’ll add a little chopped basil, and that’s my penne a la vodka.

So I’ve made both dishes. They both look really good, and honestly, Chris could definitely pick Gigi’s. They both smell amazing. I’m hoping mine wins. Our marriage depends on it. Let’s go do the taste test.

All right, Chris. Here you are, your two pasta bowls. – Wow! These look really good. – I’m gonna stand really close to you and just make you nervous. – The pressure is mounting. All right, I’m going to try this one with the.

.. What is this? Penne first. I like this. I like the look of it. I like this cheese. What kind of cheese is this? That is burrata. – I like that. It tastes a little bit rich. It’s got a nice spice to it, but it’s not too spicy.

I like it. I’m gonna try this one now. This one looks fancier to me. This one’s really good, too. It’s got a nice kick to it. It might even be a little bit spicier, too. – Mm. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – I think my favorite is the penne.

(triumphant music) – Really? – Yeah. – Are you kidding? I thought you were about to pick Gigi’s. That’s mine. – Yeah! – I was like, no. Hers is a really good. Gigi, great job on yours. That pasta really was delicious.

And let us know in the comments, guys, if you have your own little twist on the penny a la vodka or which one you would have rather. You’re not gonna hurt my feelings. And yeah, until next time, we’ll see you around.

– Bye. – Bye. I didn’t pay him to pick me. – She did not, but- – But it helped our marriage that he did. – It did, yeah. (both laugh) We survive another day. – Yeah. – This was really tasty. – Oh, yay.

I’m glad you liked it. (upbeat music)