Are HARD BOILED EGG Chocolate Chip Cookies Any Good?

Are HARD BOILED EGG Chocolate Chip Cookies Any Good?

(upbeat music) – Greetings, my beautiful lovelies. It’s Emmy, how are you? It’s great to see you, and welcome back. Today, I’m going to be making chocolate chip cookies, but with hard-boiled eggs. – Yay! – We’re coming on Easter here, you may have a lot of hard-boiled eggs handy, and now we’re going to take a couple of them and make chocolate chip cookies.

It sounds kinda crazy because when I think of eggs and cookies, I think raw eggs, batter, wetness. These are cooked hard-boiled eggs, and we’re going to use them in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. I’m very curious to see how the hard-boiled eggs are gonna change the texture.

I don’t imagine the flavor’s going to taste any different. And I’m also curious to see if we can see the little bits of hard-cooked egg in the cookie when we open it. So big thanks to lovely Crystal for getting in touch with me via Facebook with this recipe and idea.

So today’s recipe is going to be adapted from Challenge Butter’s hard-boiled egg chocolate chip cookie recipe, and I’ll put the link down below to the original. So behind me, I have my oven preheating at 375 degrees, In a large mixing bowl, we’re going to add two sticks of butter or one cup.

Bloop. Three-quarters of a cup of brown sugar, packed. Have you seen these measuring cups I have? They’re really great for teaching your kiddos about fractions. They call them visual measuring cups, so a quarter cup looks like a quarter.

One-third and a half cup as well. Clever! I do- (timer beeping) (foreboding music) It didn’t quite scare me, but it almost did. Big thanks to all of my lovelies who got in touch with me who actually read the manual of the oven to tell me how to reduce the volume.

Thank you, thank you very much. (chuckles) Another half cup of granulated sugar. These are gonna be sweet. So just like regular cookies, we’re going to cream this together on low and then medium speed.

Here we go. (button clicks) (sad music) Every single time. (chuckles) Turn the power strip on. There we go. Okay, again. (motor whirring) Three quarters of a teaspoon of kosher salt, one teaspoon of vanilla.

Boop. Now I’m gonna peel my hard-boiled eggs. (egg tapping) (eggshell cracking) I remember dying eggs once when I was a kid, and we didn’t have vinegar. (chuckles) And I remember being so disappointed by the color.

The food coloring, of course, doesn’t take as well unless you have vinegar, which helps kind of etch the surface of the eggs so that the dye can really penetrate. (egg thumping) Gotta have the vinegar.

Also that smell along with the smell of eggs is just such a nostalgic scent, you know? I’m gonna use this little trick of using a vegetable produce bag. I place it right in there, and then you just give it a good squeeze.

Look at that. Isn’t that fun? Do that again. Take your egg. (chuckles) It’s so great. It’s kind of messy, but it’s really fun to do. I like to save these produce bags, not only for squishing hard-boiled eggs like this for egg salad, but I love to reuse them at the grocery store.

I grab oranges and apples, and you can use this over and over and over again instead of getting a new produce bag. (motor whirring) Two and a quarter cups of flour. One teaspoon of baking soda. (motor whirring) I’m going to switch to a whisk here to kind of mix everything in.

I like to chop my walnuts up really finely when I add them to my chocolate chip cookies. I love that added flavor, but I don’t necessarily want that big walnutty crunch. I feel like the star should really be the chocolate chips.

Plus, my youngest kiddo isn’t a huge fan of nuts, but I like nuts, so this is a way that we can compromise and both win. A half cup of finely chopped walnuts one and a half cups of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

(chocolate chips rattling) Whoo. I have to say, it’s like, I don’t know about this, but look at that. We got ourselves a dough. So now we’re going to just scoop out our dough. This is a little mini scooper, perfect for tiny cookies.

So into a preheated 375 degree oven, going to bake these for about 10 minutes or until they’re nice and golden. But I’m going to keep a good eye on these because this batter looks pretty dry. I don’t want these to overcook.

All righty, lovelies, we are back, and here is the first batch of the hard-boiled egg chocolate chip cookies. And these cookies look great. So stinking cute. They look absolutely perfect, look. So cute, right? No trace of hard-cook egg.

I made sure to include one that had a piece of egg white on the top. See that? Look, and it caramelized. Looks like a nut or something. Right? Let’s see what it looks like inside. Delicious, no recognizable trace of egg.

This reminds me of a dish I made a couple months ago called jachnun. It’s a Yemeni pastry that requires a long baking time, 12 hours. Oftentimes, eggs are also included to cook with the pastry for that long baking time, and they develop this great kind of caramelized color.

And that is the Maillard effect. The eggs are actually browning. All righty, enough chitchat. Let’s go ahead and give this a taste. All righty, here we go. (speaking in foreign language) (chuckles) Mm-hmm, delicious chocolate chip cookie.

Mm-hmm, a little bit crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, and not dry. I was expecting them to be dry, but they’re not. Mm, delicious. The flavor profile is exactly what you expect from a chocolate chip cookie, vanilla, a little touch of salt, chocolate, butter.

Here, let me open up another one. There it is. They’re not a crisp style cookie at all. They’re nice and moist in the middle. They’re not chewy. But one thing I do appreciate is that the dough does not spread much, kind of just maintain their own shape.

They kind of depress a little bit, but they make for a lovely cookie. And I have to say, I really like this little size. All righty, my lovelies. There you have it, it has been confirmed. You can make absolutely delicious chocolate chip cookies using hard-boiled eggs.

If you have extra, try this recipe. It only requires two eggs, so you’re not gonna be using up your entire stash, but it is a novel, fun thing to do. All righty, my lovelies, thanks so much for joining me.

I hope you enjoyed that one. I hope you learned something. Please share this video with your friends. Follow me on social media. Check out my website. I will include this recipe, and yeah, like this video, subscribe, and I shall see you in the next one.

Too-da-loo, take care, bye. (soft music) (upbeat music) (Emmy laughing)