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I have come to you in a new video, I have come to you in a new video, after trying this offer you will be able to earn every week up to 200000 rupees by taking a loot offer from the best unique , I have told you about the messaging offer .

Told about the office through many videos, but after trying this offer, you will be able to win the gift vouchers of many platforms, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and other platforms. You will be able to win for free, first of all, here you can see the proof of 29th August 15 mega winners have received flowers of Rs.

9999 from here, now I will tell you which many vouchers have been received and put it lightly After coming down, the hundred winner got a gift voucher of ₹ 500, which you are also seeing on this screen and in the process of trying this offer, tell you people, then see what is the process, just here you will get this Have to come to the site, I want to show you people by opening this link once, the link has to be opened.

Script I gave you the link, it has a referral and earn program , after referring 5, you will be able to win a free Amazon voucher of up to ₹ 200, watching the video till the last, I will tell you all the details, now look here first You guys have to click on the name city mobile number and here the option of Get OTP, the number you have entered and an otp will come on it, I fill it here and type it on the submit option, let me show you guys this time Let me as you guys see that I have entered my name my city mobile number here, on that here I clicked on the option of Get OTP like I tapped on the option of Get OTP here, after that the number I have filled OTP will come in it, otp has arrived, I have copied the option, then I did otp, typed on the option of verify OTP, the OTP that I have has been verified from here, now after that see what is being said here that one You guys have to upload a small image here, only after uploading the image, whatever reward you will get, you will get the message.

You will be informed through this, now see the image of this one, you will not be able to see it anywhere, you have to come in the description of this video, right there I gave you the link of DIGITAL LYF RUOL Office Telegram channel, type on it You will do every day that new images come, which keeps a photo cut here, there is a lot of unique code in it, as you guys can see on the screen here, this image is required, in trying this offer , however this one which image Every day there are new images, so I will give you the new justice of every day on Telegram, that is DIGITAL LYF RUOL office on Telegram channel, I will keep bolstering you people there , Everyday, whatever image is there, just to you guys.

Tapping on the image has to click on the third option, you have to click on the option of save gallery, remember, I want to tell you people again, whatever the image will be, you will get to see it on telegram itself, now you have uploaded the image here.

Saved it in your gallery, now come back here, now you will go to the uploaded image here. On the option of upload image, like you people upload it or wait for some times, by tapping on the image that you people saved in your gallery in your phone, tap on the option with DONE like you guys here on the option with DONE If you tap, then your image will be uploaded here, here an option of submit will come, here you have to submit and click on the option, after that, thank you will be written here, your registration id will come here.

You will get to see the refer link of you people below, now I want to tell you people about the small contest of Refer and EARN, here if you refer five friends then you get a chance in which someone You will also be able to win the amount of browsers, now see that many will try that Refer and Earn offer, win the most in this offer because here you will get any excited voucher after 5 referrals and here at least you will get the watchers You will have to make 5 referrals, it is not that if you refer your two, then you will get vouchers.

It is clearly written here that you have to do at least 5 referrals, only then you will have the chance to win a voucher of Rs.9999 or ₹ 500, here when you people upload the image like that, thank you for participating A message will come in which your registration ID will be visible here, if you are a winner, here it is clearly written that the winner should be announced that if you remain a winner, then a message will come directly to you.

You will also win the voucher of the amount, that voucher will come in your message, otherwise now you do not know any reward, then no reply message will come but waiting for you, when the winner is announced, then its result will come, their official site is also linked below.

Here as you guys can see here is a link if you guys type on it as I want to show you guys by clicking once on this link here I typed on the link and the side I just opened your By tapping on it in front, you can know much more detail as you can tap on the option of 3 dont as an example.

I do now see here home about how to play winner and and me participate note here if you guys go in winters then whatever user name won award from here, from here you guys will be able to see their with username The address that is there, you will also see it, now here as you people want to see today’s winner list, then here you people have to click on it which is written in August and now September you have to click on September here But the day will come, then you have to click on the option of the day, today September 5, so here you have to type on September 5, after that automatically the winner list of September 5 will come to you but now the winner list is not shown to me .

No result was written here that now its result has not come, the result gets updated after 12 o’clock in the night, now friends, look at this offer which is not coming from the side of Times of India though You guys told in detail about the offer, if you want any other knowledge, if you want any information, then I have given the description of the video to Times of India.

Given the TURM and condition link, you can now read its return condition by tapping on it, although some users have doubts that at what time we will try this offer, we will get the reward, then look, try the offer The timing of doing is from 6 in the morning to 11:19 minutes in the night, you will be able to try the soft within these times, if you try the day B at two o’clock in the other crime, then you will probably not get the reward .

Try the offer and here you guys do without anything, then you will definitely tell me by coming in the comment box, the offer is start from 7th March 2018 Last 7th March, this offer will expire in 2022, this offer is for almost a year.

You guys keep frying this offer by doing a thousand, what did you get by trying this offer , you must come to the comment box of this video and tell me those who have not yet joined the telegram channel, I have given you the link in the description here .

You can join the Telegram channel by tapping on it, now that you have liked it, then subscribe to the channel by liking the videos . Subscribe and turn on this bell icon so that in the coming future I will upload new videos to my channel at any time at the exit time, the notification of those videos will come in your phone, then that’s all you get from today’s video Good bye till then in some more excited videos


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