hello hello how are you i hope the teacher juan antonio from arica chile i thank you for being in this video and welcome to the teacher’s newscast a jailbreak newscast with all this output from ios 15 and we already have 15.

1 beta 1 for both developers and the public beta and if you want to be installing it, I will recommend that you do it through this tutorial using the jaime sing tool that is the definitive replacement for itunes and any other program and they are giving away a lot of licenses so that you can earn it, you simply have to leave your email in the link that I am going to leave you in the description and if you want to be installing applications outside the app store in ios 15 using the astor tool, we finally have the confirmation of that in ios 15.

0 it is running there without any problem at least in the beta of 15.1 for now it is not compatible so nobody go there if you want to be desca Obviously you can do it directly from its official page and if you want to learn the whole installation, I will also leave this tutorial there in the description and if we continue talking about 15 there are some users who stayed in the year of 14 like me and wanted to save them shs h these files that will allow us later to be uploading to 15.

0 when apollo stops signing and if you tried to do it through the ts seibert page maybe you saved it but the file was empty and if you tried to do it through shs h point host Obviously you were not saving it from this page at least for now these servers need to be updated so that you can be saving these files correctly but if you need to be doing it at least the bruckheimer tool is working without any problem I was testing it on my iphone that It is second generation that has a 13 processor and everything went to the first without any error and in fact when I checked the in The bottom of the document had everything that is needed to be used so do not despair and you still cannot be saving the shs h of 15.

0 so that this version is in red that means that apple stops signing it, there are still many missing days and throughout that period it is expected that the dts saver server together with the shs h point host and everything is solved and we are now 15 but regarding the unstoppable jailbreak to the one for life to be grain we know that this particular works with all iphone ipod and ipad that have a processor at 11 or lower if we talk about iphone only from 8 and 10 down this particular for now we do not have any report that has been updated or released on the day in which it is recording this video and that it is supporting ios 15 at least the only warning we have for now comes from the sandbox fritz team who were saying that no one tries to be correct Going this jailbreak in ios 15 due to the fact that some problems may be generated in the device and it is expected that along with the release of crane a patch will come that may be correcting any problem that could even be preventing your computer from restarting normally or it is literally like a brick what we do know at least about this break that supports all versions of ios 12 13 and 14 to 14.

8 and in the iphone 8 8 plus and in the 10 everything that is the code works now without any problem As I show you in this video and continuing with the news, now I am going to be talking about last week’s bomb with the latest news that we have received regarding this break before it was so get ready because if now the cool thing is coming we know that the protagonist of all this news is lines game which was showing a series a chain of vulnerabilities that using all of them allow to have this jailbreak he was demonstrating in nothing else and nothing less than an iphone 12 promax that means that it tested it on a device that has a 14 processor and from then on all devices are compatible no matter the iphone ipod and ipad you will be running there and just like you had asking guys not by private message regarding the versions of ios that this man supports before ter had him confirming the genes that were patched there in ios 14.

6 that means that if you find yourself in some of these versions from 14 51 downwards, no you are going to have no problem using this jailbreak, which eye will also be compatible with 14.3 points 2.1 and with all the lower ones including up to this is 13 and it is something so great that you have called so many people who are dedicated to working with exploit such as team star who is part of the taurine team and there is no need to have all this exploit chain in his hands and he is not the only one who wants to be manipulating this exploit because A colleague from his hiding team was announcing that he managed to be executing an arbitrary code after he was restarting the device, that is to say that the jailbreak was still active even when the device was turned off and on this at least he was getting it from ios 13.

0 until 14.3 and that its release was going to be taking place very soon to what was then adding hiding that anyone who wants to be thinking of updating there in ios 15 to think about it very well because it would see an antenna that would go beyond 14.

3 including to me it is 14.5 point 1 the next thing we can see is that obviously having a jailbreak is going to be superior to any other version of ios so if you are going to be living your device without a doubt you are going to be doing much more than you can to do today in the 15th and in future versions of a yúnes and to know at least how the panorama is going for everything that is this trick guide I was conducting this survey and in My twitter account and already with a thousand votes having 70 to 30 percent we can see that there are not large numbers of people who were updating the normal numbers yesterday 15 during each year so if you are part of that 70% I invite you to you are going to answer this and what I had creating there on twitter because some people who feel like being on ios 15 I wrote and it can’t be turning off even bluetooth and wifi directly from the control center things so simple that they will not let be doing and that with the jailbreak you can get there are several people who have already commented so this may be transforming into a video so go leave your answer there also now another question that he was asking God no to then is about the release date and the industry responded according to the reward program that Paul establishes for people who report vulnerabilities, you have to wait three months and those 90 days as they are finished on October 21 we finally have the confirmation from ainouz that it is going to release all this chain the open source so that anyone can be there using it so we already have the official date of when this exploit would be with us finally released so that we can be more than prepared from Thursday, October 21 because everything will change from that day onwards now to install yesterday’s version is higher supporting this catheter break one of the ways is through the prohibited profile but up to date today this profile does not take you anymore 14 51 last week if it did when the news was announced is now at 14.

6 so to get up to 14 51 would have to be pregnant doing or yes through which hs h I hope have saved there for your device and if you did not do it you are not going to feel bad either look at all the versions that are going to be receiving this break before and even if you have it in point 3.

2.1 it will already be fen omenal I will have this jailbreak that we do not see since joel furniture at that time none in click I personally to do this I always had to occupy the computer at least once to inject it into the device and then you forgot about the pc now the question goes to be how it will do 10 beckham cover and bullfighting also going to do it through a computer now you’re not in 14 51 and are in versions that are superior obviously this year is not you go to feel bad because for 14.

6 there would be an ice that could be made from safari by clicking a link without having to install any absolutely free computer application and up to 14 71 there are also great news that I had announcing in other news videos of this week the issue that 14 71 is no longer being signed so yes you managed to download to this version of ios you have to simply stay there and be blocking the automatic updates of your device and wait patiently for nothing more and more about this kanter break I was talking with a specialist someone who has lived many during her life who is Marta so do not miss this podcast that was published last weekend and any other novelty, you already know that I will be informing you here on this channel along with the tutorial of this long-awaited jailbreak because you already know that I upload content related to this every day so it would be all that for this occasion, the teacher Juan says goodbye now Antonio from Arica Chile I hope tomorrow with another video


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