– What’s up y’all? Who wants to earn a free Amazon gift card? Oh, your girl has not one way, but 10 easy ways to earn free Amazon gift cards and more. Oh, trust and believe these options that I have are some great apps and websites where you can easily earn Amazon gift cards, ’cause I know a lot of people prefer Amazon gift cards over any other type of gift cards.

I decided to dedicate a video to it. Why not? It’s my channel. And speaking to my channel, please don’t forget to thumbs up this video. Go ahead. And also, please, don’t forget to subscribe and turn on your notifications.

Now, with that said, let’s get into this video about how to earn free Amazon gift cards through apps and websites and even earn cash. Oh yes, let’s get into it. (upbeat music) So the first super easy way to earn free Amazon gift cards is an app called Feature Points.

So Feature Points, I’ve been with them for a while now and the reason why I’m talking about them first is because they have so many different ways to earn free Amazon gift cards, and not just Amazon gift cards, but they also have lots of other gift cards and you can get cash by cashing out through PayPal, and they have visa gift cards, and if you prefer a cryptocurrency, they have that too.

So Feature Points allows you to earn points that can be converted into those types of rewards and there are lots of ways to get them, like I said. So one way is by watching videos, another way is surveys.

So for those of you that like to do those surveys, I know a lot of you have been actually asking about options to get free gift cards or other rewards by doing surveys, Feature Points is it. But yet, so in addition to that, you can actually complete different offers.

So like downloading certain apps or shopping at different places online. So as you can clearly see, they have lots of different ways for you to earn free Amazon gift cards and lots more. So yes, I’m gonna throw the link down to FeaturePoints down below, I’ve been with them for a while.

So I’m telling you they are good, I’ve cashed out several times, and I love feature points, they are the best, yup. So the second option is what I always say is my favorite, but I don’t know. We know, Feature Points and a couple of the others on this list are actually probably gonna bump this one out the way, but it is Fetch Rewards.

So Fetch Rewards is a great option to earn free Amazon gift cards and plus lots and lots and lots more. So they not only have Amazon gift cards, but you can actually nail cash out with visa gift cards and you can actually cash out, I would say, it’s like, probably dozens of other gift card options in there.

So the super easy way to earn with Fetch Rewards is to scan receipts. Yes, you can go in there, scan some receipts. And when you sign up, you actually get bonus points when you scan your first receipt.

So you’ll be well on your way to cashing out for your free gift card, and the minimum cash out is $3. Like, a $3 Amazon gift card, you can easily get that. So yeah, again, there are not just Amazon gift cards, but lots of other gift cards in there.

So I highly suggest you check out Fetch Rewards. Again, this is one of my favorites, and the biggest plus about Fetch Rewards is that they are one of the few apps that will actually give you your free gift card instantly.

So yeah, a lot of times I’m checking in my Fetch Rewards app like, did I get points yet? Okay, I got my points, I can cash out instantly for this gift card. So I’ve gotten gift cards for Target, Amazon, I mean a lot of them.

So yeah, Fetch Rewards is definitely an OG in my book, I love them and I’m gonna link them down below. So if you’re interested in Fetch Rewards, if you haven’t watched the plethora of other free gift cards videos that I have, where I talk about Fetch Rewards, then you might wanna go back and check out some of those other ones, you know, I’m gonna link the playlist for the free gift cards up top in the cards, okay? Now, let’s move on to the third option, and the third option is another one that’s always been in the running for one of my favorite free gift card ads, and that is Zogo.

With the Zogo app, you are getting rewarded for learning about finance. So every night they have something called a pineapple party where you can actually earn even more points than you normally would in the app for learning about finance.

Now, with Zogo app, they honestly, they make it harder and harder to earn the free gift cards the higher you go. That’s the only downside of Zogo, but I’ve earned a few hundred dollars worth of free gift cards through Zogo just this year alone.

They do have an option for free Amazon gift cards in there, but I’ve also gotten free gift cards in there for Apple and Target and they have a bunch of other options. So yes, Zogo is a great option, especially if you are trying to level up and learn about finance and I’m talking about banking or actually getting your credit together.

I’m telling you they have great tips and great modules in there where you can learn about that stuff. So yes, I’m gonna link Zogo down below, check it out. So option number four is actually one of the longest living apps in my phone, and that is Ibotta.

So Ibotta it is a great way to earn free Amazon gift cards, but not just Amazon gift cards. If you notice, I’m not just talking about Amazon gift cards here. So with Ibotta, they don’t just have Amazon gift cards, but they have lots of other gift cards and they even have an option to cash out through direct deposit, that’s the way I mostly get my money.

Yes, you can link your bank account and they will put that money right in your bank account. So how do you earn with Ibotta? The easiest way that I earn free gift cards and even cash with Ibotta is by shopping.

So whenever I do my regular grocery shopping, I actually come back and I will tap a product that I got, and normally they want you to do this in advance before you even go shopping. I’m telling you if you decide to shop online, you definitely wanna tap it in advance.

But basically let them know what products you got or what products you are getting, but make sure you do it right away. If you actually went to the store and started shopping, make sure you just tap those products that you got and you scan your receipt, and once they match the items that you actually bought, they will reimburse you and they have lots of options for free stuff.

So recently I actually posted on my Instagram where they were offering a bunch of back to school stuff. So that included peanut butter jelly, pencils, books, all kinds of stuff, where they were giving 100% reimbursement back.

So Ibotta makes it really easy to earn free gift cards and cash. I’m linking them down below, and they always have bonuses when you sign up. So make sure you sign up, don’t just forget about it. Like, when you sign up, like, actually use it so you can get your bonus because they give you bonus cash like, normally off the gate, they give you like $10.

So yes, make sure you download the Ibotta app and use it. Option number five is actually a website and it’s called Dealsbank. So Dealsbank is a great option for those of you that like to shop when Amazon or Walmart, this is the way that I do it.

So even though there’s lots of ways to earn in Dealsbank, this is my favorite way. What I do is I like to go to what they call trials. So in trials you can actually try out products and when you leave a review on those products, they will actually reimburse you the full cost of that item.

So this is a great way to find some items, either on Walmart or Amazon that you always wanted to try, but you didn’t wanna spend money on it or are you a little iffy about it, I’m telling you use Dealsbank, checkout what kind of trials they have in there, get that product and then make sure you do the review on it and they will reimburse you.

So just remember to cash out is a minimum of $20, okay? So yeah, try to stick with like the $20 plus items, okay? That’s what I do. Either that or you can do more than one item. You can’t do more than one at a time.

You don’t have to cash out immediately, you can actually bank whatever you earned as well and then wait and cash it out. So if you want like a bigger amount of money sent to you or a bigger gift card, then yes, you can actually bank that stuff.

So sometimes I’ll bank the stuff, especially if I’m doing like maybe a $15 item and a $10 item, something like that, things that are under the threshold anyway, then I’ll wait and cash them out together.

Normally when I cash out for a free gift card through Dealsbank, I will normally get my Amazon code, which is, you know, it’s a virtual gift cards. So normally I’ll get the code within 24 to 48 hours.

The majority of the time, I’ll get it by the next day. So the trials are just one way of earning on Dealsbank, but they also have options where you can actually write posts on their website about products that you have already and you can actually earn money that way or you can do referrals, they have a few different ways to earn with them.

But yeah, they do have Amazon gift cards and they have options to cash out through your bank account and other payment options as well. So I’m gonna link Dealsbank down below, and I highly suggested, I’ve been with them now for almost a year, I think.

So yeah, they’ve been quite reliable. So yeah, I’d definitely recommend them. So option number six, another one that you can use in your cell phone is MyPoints. So MyPoints is one of my favorite apps.

Like, I’m telling you, like, all the ones on this list are my favorites, like, hands down, but MyPoints is the first gift card, strictly gift app that I ever signed up with, I signed up with them years ago, I can’t even tell you when my son Abdi was, but it was years ago.

And so MyPoints is very reliable. So there are a lot of different ways to earn Amazon gift cards as well as at least like, I believe it’s like, 85 different cash out options on MyPoints. So yeah, you can earn free gift cards at a variety of companies or they also have an option to cash out through PayPal.

They also do have like the credit card gift cards as well. So with MyPoints, the way that you earn is endless, let me tell you. So you can play games, you can scan receipts, you can watch videos, you can do a whole bunch of stuff on MyPoints and they have a website and an app.

Now, one plus about MyPoints is even though the majority of rewards might take maybe a day or so to get, Amazon gift cards come through instantly. So yes, MyPoints is my go-to for Amazon gift cards a lot of times, because I know I can get that gift card like that.

So the next option is Swagbucks. So Swagbucks is very similar to MyPoints, but they don’t have that instant cash out option, I’m gonna let you know upfront, but they do have Amazon gift cards. But the plus about Swagbucks is when you’re ready to cash out, they often have sales.

For example, a gift card that might normally cost a thousand points, might only cost you 900 points. So that will take less of your points, and that means more rewards for you, right? So Swagbucks is one that I keep in my back pocket when I’m willing to wait for my free gift cards, but I still want to earn those free gift cards.

So I know you’re wondering like, well, how the heck am I supposed to earn the free gift cards on Swagbucks? So just like my points, they are very similar. So you can watch videos, play games, complete offers, search online, they have a lot of different ways, I highly suggest you just check the app out, okay? And plus they will give you a bonus if you sign up.

I believe the bonus right now is $5. But yeah, don’t quote me on that. Check out the link below, it might even be more. And just so you know, pretty much all of the apps that I’m naming in this video, they are giving you bonuses when you use my link, okay? So be sure you use my links and when you do use my links, you are supporting a single mom.

So I appreciate you for that, thank you in advance, okay? So option number eight, to earn free Amazon cards easy is Miles. Yes, the miles and is incredible. So what the Miles app will do is you put the app on your phone and they will reward you for your travel.

So that includes biking, walking, traveling in a car, traveling on a plane, basically you’re racking up miles that can be cashed in a lot of times for offers, but they also have free gift cards, Amazon gift cards normally.

Now, the thing with Miles is this is one of the pluses of Miles. If you have just like a few people that you can recommend to the app, they always have incentives, I mean, crazy incentives, like, unbelievable stuff that I have never seen in any other app.

Miles has the best incentives ever when it comes to referrals. So a lot of times they will have like bonuses such as if you refer, recently, they did one where if you refer five friends, they would give you a $200 Amazon gift card.

Yes, I’m telling you they are no joke. So the thing is just make sure when you do refer people, let them know that they have to travel. And I’m telling you right now, too, if you use my link to sign up, which I would appreciate if you do, if you use or like to sign up, please make sure you turn your location on at least just for one trip, one or two trips, and then let them rack up your Miles, so that way you’re earning miles, and you’re gonna earn bonus miles when you do do that.

And then after that, who cares? Like, turn off the stuff. I mean, who cares? But also another way that the Miles app comes through clutch is that they also often will have incentives where they will drop free gift cards, free Amazon gift cards in the app, just randomly.

So normally they’ll do that around certain holidays, I know they did it for like St Patty’s day, 4th of July, you know, they do it throughout the year. They might just do it just because they feel like doing it.

So they will normally give you a heads up. So if you do sign up for Miles, I do suggest that you turn your notifications when in their app so that you can be notified when they are having an incentive like that.

Because a lot of times what they’ll do is they’ll say, between like 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, we’re gonna be dropping free gift cards every hour or every two hours, something like that. So you have to be one of the first people in there, grab that Amazon gift card and you’re good.

That’s not it, they actually have another way in Miles where you can get free Amazon gift cards and that is by turning in your miles. So they don’t have it all that often. But a lot of times they will have like, normally it’s a smaller Amazon gift card that you can cash in for.

So they might say something like if you cash in a hundred points, we will give you a $2 Amazon gift card, which if you just add that baby to your Amazon account, then you are good, that thing will live in there.

Once I get my codes, I immediately put stuff in my Amazon account, okay? So yeah, just remember that, okay? So even as small as a gift card maybe, it all adds up, I’m telling you. So with that said, let’s move on to option number nine.

Now, option number nine is Capterra. So Capterra was actually one of the first videos of mine about free gift cards that actually got quite a bit of attention. So if you’re not familiar, I know that was pretty early on and I don’t talk about Capterra very often.

But what Capterra is, is it’s a website where you can actually review software or different apps that you have used, and they will normally reward you with a free gift card, an Amazon gift cards is one of the options.

Normally, they have an option to pick from like maybe five or six different rewards. The thing is Capterra reviews are so quick and easy, it takes me all of five minutes to do a review. So just to give you an example of some of the types of programs that Capterra might have for you to review would be like PayPal, if you’ve use the PayPal app or Microsoft Word or, I mean, they have a bunch of stuff.

I know, I use Canvas, Canvas in there. So these are apps that normally you’re already using, so you’re just giving them feedback on how you liked the program. A lot of people always ask me, oh, do you have to have a LinkedIn account, do you have to be a business owner? No, you do not.

Only fill out the necessary stuff, okay? Don’t overthink it people. So yeah, what I do is I fill out whatever needs to be filled out. If I wanna throw in some extra information, shoot, most of the time I’ve used the auto fill anyway for like my name, email, all that good stuff anyway.

So that makes the process faster in and of itself. But another thing that you do have to keep in mind, this is the one downside of Capterra that I have is that the gift cards are not guaranteed. Now, when you submit a review to Capterra, you gotta use my link first of all, let me let you know, because the link that I’m dropping below, it is not an affiliate link, I’m getting nothing from it.

But what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna take you to a page where they will let you know that you will be getting $5 for each review. So you can do a maximum of 10 reviews in a month. So that’s $50 in a month.

And like I said, it takes me about five minutes to do a review. So yeah, that’s all of less than an hour, 50 minutes maybe, for me to do 10 reviews a month. They accept, I would say 95% of the reviews that I have submitted.

I think there’s maybe been out of all the reviews that I’ve ever done, which at this point I’ve done dozens, I think there maybe two that didn’t get accepted. So I normally will get a reward when I do those reviews.

So the way that you will find out if they did accept your review is they will send you an email normally within two weeks. Click this link to choose your gift card, boom, easy, right? So Capterra is a great one to keep in your back pocket.

You can take an hour per month, do some of those reviews. And again, your review has to be accepted by them, and this is the secret that I have to help me get my reviews accepted, and that is Grammarly.

Yes, check your spelling people, because that is a big thing. Because think about it, if you are the company that is trying to help PayPal or these other major companies get reviews, put out there, then you’re gonna put out the best reviews, the ones that don’t have crazy spelling errors in them, the ones that make sense, the ones that are grammatically correct.

So that’s why I use Grammarly. Grammarly is a free tool. They even have a Chrome toolbar that you can just put on your computer, I know they have an option for tablets. So yeah, use Grammarly, it’s a free program that will check your spelling, check your grammar, and it will cost you nothing.

So I’m gonna also link Grammarly down below to help you out because that’s my secret to getting most of my Capterra reviews approved. So option number 10 to get a free Amazon gift card Super easy is Amazon Shopper Panel.

When I tell you the divas in devos always come through. When you guys suggest up to me, the majority of the time, it’s some good stuff. And Amazon Shopper Panel was actually put on to me, I believe by a devo a few months ago.

And what Amazon Shopper Panel is, it’s an app that is run by Amazon. So yes, you actually have to be invited by Amazon. The only way that I found out that I was invited was by downloading the Amazon Shopper Panel app and then going in there and it told me that I had been invited, like maybe I think it was a month before.

‘Cause I think I even signed up in like April or May. I think it told me that I was invited back in March, and I never got that email. But when I was put onto this app, you know, that’s when I found out.

So the way that you easily, easily, easily earn free Amazon gift cards through Amazon Shopper Panel is by scanning 10 receipts, that is it. You have to scan 10 receipts within a month, okay? So I’m talking about restaurant receipts, gas station receipts, anything like that, you can scan those receipts.

It takes me less than 10 minutes to scan 10 receipts. So when I tell you this is the easiest way to earn free Amazon gift cards, I lie to you not. Now, when you get your reward from Amazon Shopper Panel, what they will do is they will notify you via email and within the app.

They will send that to you within the first 48 hours of the month following when you scanned those receipts. So if you scan receipts throughout the month of August then on September 2nd or by September 2nd, you will get notified by Amazon Shopper Panel that they loaded $10 into your Amazon account.

So Amazon Shopper Panel will actually, since they’re Amazon, they will actually load your reward directly into your Amazon account. So yes, that is a great option for those of you that want an Amazon gift card super, super easy.

So make sure you check out Amazon Shopper Panel, I’m linking it down below. And again, they are the easiest way that I’ve found so far to earn Amazon gift cards. So if you are looking for other gift card options, please let me know down below, or if you are looking for other options to make money or save money, drop it in the comments, let me know, what are you thinking, Deal Finding Diva got, okay? So yes, please give me your feedback, I appreciate it, I do read the comments, I do try to heart your comments when you are spreading positivity on my channel.

So I appreciate you for that, and I appreciate you for watching this video all the way through. So if you actually made it this far, drop a phone emoji, okay? Do me a favor and drop a phone emoji because that must mean that you love these apps.

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And also don’t forget to subscribe and turn on your notifications, so you can be notified when I drop a new video. Now, with that said, I’m about to peace out on this video and thanks again for watching.

Bye y’all. ♪ Everyone who didn’t believe it ♪ ♪ They don’t know what I felt ♪ ♪ I’m gonna try, gonna try, gonna try ♪ ♪ Until i die, til i die, til i die ♪


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