πŸ‡±πŸ‡§ Maamoul – buttery date & pistachio-filled cookies

πŸ‡±πŸ‡§ Maamoul – buttery date & pistachio-filled cookies

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Big thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring this video and for their continued support. So today, I’m going to be making a delectable buttery confection that has often had this time of year in celebration of Eid al Fitr, which is the end of Ramadan.

It’s a celebration. It’s often called the sugar festival because it represents the end of fasting. It is a time to visit, to celebrate, to share and exchange gifts. And this dessert, ma’amoul, is often had.

I have lovely Saria to thank for this recipe. She wrote to me and suggested it and I looked up the recipe and it looks absolutely lovely. It is scented with rosewater, so it has this kind of perfume of flowers.

And it’s buttery and it just sounds so delectable. So, we’re going to be making it today. The recipe inspiration comes from 196 Flavors. I will put a link down below to the original recipe. So the first thing we need to do is make the dough for the ma’amoul and it’s kind of similar to a short crust.

We have butter and we have flour, but we also have semolina flour, also known as durum flour. I ordered this online and I’ll put a link down below to where I found it. So in a large bowl, we’re gonna combine one and a half cups, plus two tablespoons of semolina flour and then one cup plus two tablespoons of all purpose flour.

And a quarter cup plus two tablespoons of powdered sugar. And three quarters of a teaspoon of baking powder. And to that, we’re going to add one stick or half a cup of softened butter. Now we’re gonna work this all together.

You can use your hands and we want to get a nice sandy texture. Get that butter really incorporated into those dry ingredients. Next, we’re going to add a quarter cup of milk. And I added this one tablespoon at a time.

And then two tablespoons of rose water. So combine this all together and work it into a dough. If you find the dough to be a bit crumbly, you can add more milk, one teaspoon at a time. So once you form a ball of dough, you’re going to cover this and let it rest for at least one hour.

So while our dough is resting, we’re going to prepare our fillings. So traditional fillings include dried dates, dried fruits and nuts. In this bowl, I have a half a cup of ground pistachios and I just chopped those up in my food processor.

I’m going to add one tablespoon of sugar and I’m gonna begin with a half tablespoon of water and give that a mix until we form kind of a paste. So that’s what we want. So for my date ma’amouls, I’m gonna be using this.

It’s made by the company, Ziyad. And these are dried dates that have already been ground up into a nice paste. So traditionally ma’amoul are made with wooden molds. I ordered this online and it has a beautiful star pattern but there are lots of different kinds of patterns.

And it kind of reminds me a little bit of a moon cake mold in the sense that it’s carved out of wood. So to ensure that our cookie comes out, I’m gonna line it with some plastic wrap. And then take a bit of our dough.

It smells so good. The rose water is so lovely and press it into our mold. And we’re gonna create a little cavity for our filling. So take a bit of the date paste, roll it into a ball and press it in the inside of there.

Now we’re going to take another piece of dough and press it right over the top of the filling. Then, we can just pull on the plastic wrap to take out our cookie. Absolutely perfect. So then we take that and then place it on a parchment lined baking sheet.

This time we’re gonna use our pistachio filling and it’s probably about a half a teaspoon. But that will depend of course, on the size of your mold. After we shape all of our ma’amoul, we’re going to place them into a preheated 350 degree oven and bake them for 15 to 20 minutes.

We don’t want these to brown at all. They should stay nice and pale in color and then we’ll let them cool off and we’ll dust them with powdered sugar and then give them a taste. Alrighty, my lovelies.

Look at these beautiful sweets! They’re so stinking cute. Look, look, look, aren’t they beautiful? Now that they’ve cooled off, we can now dust them with a liberal amount of powdered sugar. Powdered sugar just makes everything look so cheery.

Ooh, I love it! (light orchestral music) Let’s finally give these a taste. Itadakimasu! Mm. Mhmm. Lovely. Filled with the scent of rose and the semolina flour in there gives them a nice little toothsome bite.

And they’re just lightly sweetened and full of buttery goodness. Lovely! I just need a cup of tea to go with this. I really appreciate the level of sweetness in that. There’s just enough sweetness to say that this is a dessert, but not so sweet that it overpowers the natural sweetness of the dates.

The dates inside are naturally sweet and have a lovely kind of creamy consistency inside, which is a nice foil to the short buttery cookie on the outside. Alrighty, let’s try the pistachio version. Mm.

Mhmm. That’s lovely as well. And once again, because this isn’t so sweet, you really can taste the flavor of the pistachio, that rich nuttiness that tastes a little bit like pine nuts. There’s a little bit of that kind of resinous flavor that’s inherent to pistachios.

Lovely. I like them both. If I had to choose, gosh. I think I would like a combination of both. I especially like the texture of the nut filling. It’s kind of crunchy, but I love the intense sweetness of the dates.

So there you have it, my lovelies. That’s how you can make homemade ma’amoul. You certainly don’t need the mold to make them, although it does make a very pretty result. You can just roll these into balls and fill them as well and just bake them as I did.

And you’ll have a lovely, lovely dessert. Perfect accompaniment with tea. Alrighty, thank you so much for watching and big thanks to HelloFresh for sponsoring this video. If you’d like to try HelloFresh out for yourself click the link down below or head over to hellofresh.

com and use my code Emmymade12 to receive 12 free meals, including free shipping. Thanks again for watching. I hope you enjoy that one. I hope you learn something. Please share this recipe with your friends.

Follow me on social media, check out my website. I will include this printable recipe, and I shall see you in the next one. Toodaloo, take care. Bye! (light upbeat music) Chugga chugga choo choo!