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Keep Your HVAC Costs Under Control with the Anderson Club

The Anderson Club is a complete protection for your Heating and Air Conditioning system as well as your pocket book! Annual membership on your HVAC system will increase the lifespan of your furnace and air conditioner, decrease system breakdowns, save you money and help save the earth by lowering gas and electricity consumption!


The Anderson Club is among the most comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans in Northwest Arkansas. Benefits include the following – all for just $199 annually ($179 per additional HVAC unit).

✔ 2 annual membership tune-ups (Fall & Spring)

✔ 5% Discount on new system replacement or change outs

✔ 10% Discount on all repairs and services

✔ No overtime charges

✔ 10% on additional a/c systems club memberships

✔ Front of line service


Call 479-751-6210 and a friendly representative will help you get signed up.


The Anderson Club membership plan is designed to ensure optimal performance of your system, protect the owner from unit failure, and prolong the life of the system. Our membership plan include two visits per year with the following scope of work:

AC / HP Elec. Components Duct System
  • Voltage reading at condenser 
  • Compressor start amps 
  • Compressor run amps 
  • Compressor capacitor UF value 
  • Fan capacitor UF value 
  • Condition of disconnect 
  • Condition HV/LV wiring 
  • Condition electrical components
AC / HP Refrigerant – Blower motor UF value
  • Freon 
  • High Pressure 
  • HS line temp
  • Target Superheat or Subcooling
  • Temp. drop across coil 
  • Refrigerant added 
AC inspections – Adjust gas pressure high / low
  • Rinse outside unit (inside out)
  • Remove debris inside unit 
  • Clearance around outside unit 
  • Lineset insulation 
Evaporator Coil – Flame Sensor
  • Inspection of coil / fins / and drain pan
  • Pan treatment
Duct System
  • Visual of supply/ return duct
  • Return air sized properly
Thermostat Inspection
  • Batteries
  • Stat related concerns
Furnace / Air Handler
  • Blower motor amp.
  • Blower motor UF value
  • Inducer motor amp
  • Condition HV/LV wiring
  • Condition electrical components
Furnace Exhaust /Gas
  • Inspect interior /exterior venting
  • CO in duct system
  • Adjust gas pressure high / low
  • Leak check from valve to unit
  • Visual of gas piping
Furnace / Air handler Inspection
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Flame Sensor
  • Pressure Switch and hose connection
  • Drain line /trap clear of blockage
  • Blower wheel not out of balance and clean
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